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System requirements

Dependent on R (>= 3.3.0)

If you did not install the R software yet,you can download R >= 3.3.0 from


Install the earlier versions of “statTarget” at the Bioconductor

if (!requireNamespace("BiocManager", quietly=TRUE))


library(statTarget)  ## `Load statTarget`.

Install the latest version of "statTarget2" at Github. copy this code into R

Updating, Coming Back Soon!

Binary Package for Windows PC is provided. If you want the source code, please contact us. Thanks.

IMPORTANCE: for mac PC, XQuartz instead of X11 support should be installed for the Graphical User Interface (GUI). Download it from

RGTK2 is a binding for R to the GTK2 library and dependent libraries, and a multi-platform package for creating graphical user interfaces. If you have any problems about RGTK2 installation, see the related installation information for R and GTK on Windows/Mac OS at

We recommend the R 3.3.0 and RGtk2 2.20.31 for mac OS paltform. The R 3.3.0 and RGtk2 2.20.31 sailed through the test. If you have multiple versions of R framework installed, RSwitch - a small GUI that allows you to switch between R versions quickly. Download it from

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