Man pages for synapter
Label-free data analysis pipeline for optimal identification and quantitation

createUniquePeptideDbRdsCreate an RDS file for the 'Unique Peptides Database'
defunctsynapter Deprecated and Defunct
estimateMasterFdrComputes FDR for all possible final peptide combinations
inspectPeptideScoresInspect peptide scores.
makeMasterMerges final peptide files
MasterFdrResults-classClass '"MasterFdrResults"'
MasterPeptides-classClass '"MasterPeptides"'
plotCrossMatchingPlot fragment matching results.
requantifyIntensity requantification
rescaleForTop3Rescale for TOP3
SynapterClass "Synapter"
synapterGuideOpens the 'synapter' vignette
synapter-packageCombine label-free data for optimal identification and...
synapterPlgsAgreementSynapter/PLGS Agreement
synapterTinyDataLoads a small test data for the 'synapter' package
synergiseSynergise identification and quantitation results
synergise2Synergise identification and quantitation results
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