BANFF: Bayesian Network Feature Finder

Provides a full package of posterior inference, model comparison, and graphical illustration of model fitting. A parallel computing algorithm for the Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) based posterior inference and an Expectation-Maximization (EM) based algorithm for posterior approximation are are developed, both of which greatly reduce the computational time for model inference.

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AuthorZhuxuan Jin, Zhou Lan, Yize Zhao, Jian Kang, Tianwei Yu
Date of publication2017-03-11 10:28:57
MaintainerTianwei Yu <>

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BANFF2 Man page
biGaussianNull Man page
class.label Man page
DensityDPOne Man page
DPdensCluster Man page
DPdensitySubset Man page
DPM.HODC Man page
EM.HODC Man page
GCut.z Man page
hyperParaDMH Man page
llikDMH Man page
logdensMixNorm Man page
missloc Man page
myKLdivergenece Man page
net Man page
Networks.Fast Man page
Networks.STD Man page
r.BayesImpute Man page
r.knnImpute Man page
SimulatedDataGenerator Man page
SummaryClassLabel Man page
SWCut Man page
test.stat Man page
TransZ Man page
z.update.fastSW Man page
z.update.Mclustprior Man page

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