BEDASSLE: Quantifies effects of geo/eco distance on genetic differentiation

provides functions that allow users to quantify the relative contributions of geographic and ecological distances to empirical patterns of genetic differentiation on a landscape. Specifically, we use a custom Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithm, which is used to estimate the parameters of the inference model, as well as functions for performing MCMC diagnosis and assessing model adequacy.

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AuthorGideon Bradburd
Date of publication2014-12-04 00:30:44
MaintainerGideon Bradburd <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

BEDASSLE-internal: Internal BEDASSLE Functions

BEDASSLE-package: Disentangling the contributions of geographic and ecological...

calculate.all.pairwise.Fst: Calculates unbiased pairwise Fst between all sampled...

calculate.pairwise.Fst: Calculates unbiased pairwise Fst between a pair of...

Covariance: The parametric covariance matrix The Eurasian subset of the HGDP dataset used in example...

link.up.posteriors: Links up multiple MCMC output objects

make.continuing.params: Generates an R object containing the last parameter values of...

MCMC: Runs the Markov chain Monte Carlo with the standard...

MCMC_BB: Runs the Markov chain Monte Carlo with the overdispersion...

mcmc.operators: Operator parameters that control the operation of the MCMC

plot_acceptance_rate: Plots the acceptance rate of a parameter across MCMC...

plot_all_acceptance_rates: Plots the acceptance rates of all parameters across MCMC...

plot_all_joint_marginals: Plots the joint marginals for all parameter pairs

plot_all_marginals: Plots the marginal densities for all parameters

plot_all_phi_marginals: Plot all the marginals for the phi parameters for all...

plot_all_phi_trace: Plots all the trace plots for the phi parameters for all...

plot_all_trace: Plots all the trace plots for all parameters

plot_joint_marginal: Plots the joint marginal for a pair of parameters

plot_marginal: Plots the marginal density of a parameter

plot_phi_marginal: Plots the marginal for the phi parameter estimated in a...

plot_phi_trace: Plots the trace plot for the phi parameter estimated in a...

plot_posterior_predictive_samples: Plots posterior predictive sampling

plot_trace: Plot the trace plot for a parameter

posterior.predictive.sample: Generates posterior predictive samples


a0_gibbs_rate Man page
BB_Likelihood_counts Man page
BB_Prior_prob_phi Man page
BB_Update_mu Man page
BB_Update_phi Man page
BB_Update_thetas Man page
BEDASSLE-package Man page
calculate.all.pairwise.Fst Man page
calculate.pairwise.Fst Man page
Covariance Man page Man page
identify_invariant_loci Man page
Initialize.params Man page
Likelihood_counts Man page
Likelihood_thetas Man page
link.up.posteriors Man page
load_MCMC_output Man page
load_posterior_predictive_samples Man page
make.continuing.params Man page
MCMC Man page
MCMC_BB Man page
mcmc.operators Man page
plot_acceptance_rate Man page
plot_all_acceptance_rates Man page
plot_all_joint_marginals Man page
plot_all_marginals Man page
plot_all_phi_marginals Man page
plot_all_phi_trace Man page
plot_all_trace Man page
plot_joint_marginal Man page
plot_marginal Man page
plot_phi_marginal Man page
plot_phi_trace Man page
plot_posterior_predictive_samples Man page
plot_trace Man page
posterior.predictive.sample Man page
Prior_prob_alpha0 Man page
Prior_prob_alpha2 Man page
Prior_prob_alphaD Man page
Prior_prob_alphaE Man page
Prior_prob_beta Man page
Prior_prob_mu Man page
Shift Man page
simulate_allele_count_data Man page
transform_frequencies Man page
Update_a0 Man page
Update_a2 Man page
Update_aD Man page
Update_aE Man page
Update_beta Man page
Update_mu Man page
Update_thetas Man page


R/transform_frequencies.R R/load_MCMC_output.R R/Update_beta.R R/plot_posterior_predictive_samples.R R/plot_phi_trace.R R/Prior_prob_alpha0.R R/a0_gibbs_rate.R R/MCMC.R R/load_posterior_predictive_samples.R R/identify_invariant_loci.R R/Update_aD.R R/plot_marginal.R R/Update_aE.R R/BB_Prior_prob_phi.R R/BB_Update_mu.R R/BB_Likelihood_counts.R R/Likelihood_thetas.R R/Prior_prob_alphaE.R R/posterior.predictive.sample.R R/plot_all_acceptance_rates.R R/Update_a2.R R/Likelihood_counts.R R/BB_Update_phi.R R/Update_mu.R R/plot_all_phi_trace.R R/Prior_prob_alphaD.R R/plot_trace.R R/calculate.all.pairwise.Fst.R R/make.continuing.params.R R/plot_all_trace.R R/MCMC_BB.R R/simulate_allele_count_data.R R/BB_Update_thetas.R R/plot_all_joint_marginals.R R/Prior_prob_mu.R R/Update_thetas.R R/Update_a0.R R/plot_joint_marginal.R R/Prior_prob_beta.R R/Initialize.params.R R/Covariance.R R/link.up.posteriors.R R/plot_acceptance_rate.R R/plot_all_phi_marginals.R R/Shift.R R/plot_all_marginals.R R/Prior_prob_alpha2.R R/plot_phi_marginal.R R/calculate.pairwise.Fst.R
man/MCMC_BB.Rd man/MCMC.Rd man/calculate.pairwise.Fst.Rd man/plot_all_acceptance_rates.Rd man/posterior.predictive.sample.Rd man/plot_acceptance_rate.Rd man/plot_all_phi_marginals.Rd man/plot_all_trace.Rd man/plot_posterior_predictive_samples.Rd man/BEDASSLE-package.Rd man/mcmc.operators.Rd man/Covariance.Rd man/make.continuing.params.Rd man/plot_all_phi_trace.Rd man/plot_trace.Rd man/plot_joint_marginal.Rd man/plot_phi_trace.Rd man/plot_marginal.Rd man/BEDASSLE-internal.Rd man/calculate.all.pairwise.Fst.Rd man/plot_all_marginals.Rd man/ man/plot_phi_marginal.Rd man/plot_all_joint_marginals.Rd man/link.up.posteriors.Rd

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