Man pages for BTR
Training and Analysing Asynchronous Boolean Models

amat_to_bmConvert adjacency matrix into BoolModel object
bm_to_amatConvert BoolModel into adjacency matrix
bm_to_dfConvert BoolModel object into BoolNet readable data frame
bon_bmodelHSC Boolean Model from Bonzanni et al.
bon_istateInitial state from Bonzanni et al.
BoolModel-classAn S4 class to represent a Boolean Model
BTRBTR: A package for studying asynchronous Boolean models
calc_mscoreCalculating Boolean model score wrt to a dataset
calc_rocCalculate precision, recall, f-score, accuracy and...
check_andCheck if containing AND terms
compress_bmodelCompress BoolModel
decompress_bmodelDecompress BoolModel
decreate_boolmodelDecreate Boolean model
df_to_bmConvert a data frame into BoolModel object
emodel1Example Boolean Model used in the vignette
emodel2Example Boolean Model used in the vignette
emodel3Example Boolean Model used in the vignette
eval_boolEvaluating Boolean rules
extract_termExtract Boolean terms
filter_dflistFilter columns of df in a list
gen_one_rmodelGenerate a random Boolean model
gen_singleruleGenerate random act and inh rule for a single gene
gen_two_rmodelGenerate two random Boolean models with a specified number of...
gen_two_rmodel_dagGenerate two random DAG Boolean models with a specified...
get_encodingsGet corresponding encodings for compression or decompression.
grow_bmodelAdd extra genes to a Boolean model
initialise_dataInitialise data
initialise_modelInitialise model
initialise_raw_dataInitialise raw data
krum_bmodelMyeloid Boolean Model from Krumsiek et al.
krum_istateInitial state from Krumsiek et al.
man_distCalculates pairwise Manhattan distances between two matrices
match_termCheck for matching terms
minmod_internalInner function of minimal modification of whole Boolean model
minmod_modelMinimal modification of whole Boolean model
model_consensusIntersection of genes
model_distCalculate distance between Boolean models
model_setdiffFind the set difference between two Boolean models
model_trainTraining Model
outgenysis_modelOutput a Boolean Model into Genysis readable format
outgraph_modelOutput a Boolean Model into Cytoscape & Gephi readable format
outstate_graphGenerate state transition graph
plotBMPlot Boolean Model
printBMPrint Boolean Model
rcpp_simulateSimulate a Boolean model.
rcpp_validateCalculating validation scores between two adjacency matrices
simulate_modelSimulating Boolean model
unique_raw_dataRemove raw data duplicated wrt to the model state
validate_adjmatCalculate true positive, true negative, false positive and...
vcatVerbose cat
which.random.minPick a random minimum value
wilson_raw_dataRaw single cell qRT-PCR expression data from Wilson et al.
wilson_raw_rnaseqRaw single cell RNAseq expression data from Wilson et al.
writeBMWrite Boolean Model
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