Man pages for BatchExperiments
Statistical Experiments on Batch Computing Clusters

addAlgorithmAdd an algorithm to registry.
addExperimentsAdd experiemts to the registry.
addProblemAdd a problem to registry.
BatchExperimentsThe BatchExperiments package
findExperimentsFind ids of experiments that match a query.
generateProblemInstanceGenerate dynamic part of problem.
getAlgorithmGet algorithm from registry by id.
getAlgorithmIdsGet ids of algorithms in registry.
getExperimentPartsGet all parts required to run a single job.
getIndexGroup experiments.
getJobs.ExperimentRegistryGet jobs (here: experiments) from registry by id.
getProblemGet problem from registry by id.
getProblemIdsGet ids of problems in registry.
getResultVarsGet variable groups of reduced results.
makeDesignCreate parameter designs for problems and algorithms.
makeExperimentRegistryConstruct a registry object for experiments.
reduceResultsExperimentsReduce results into a data.frame with all relevant...
reduceResultsExperimentsParallelReduce very many results in parallel.
removeAlgorithmRemove algorithm from registry.
removeExperimentsRemove jobs from registry.
removeProblemRemove problem from registry.
summarizeExperimentsSummarize selected experiments.
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