CucurbitaClim: Baseline and Future WorldClim 2.1 Climatic Data for Cucurbita...

CucurbitaClimR Documentation

Baseline and Future WorldClim 2.1 Climatic Data for Cucurbita Species


This data set provides WorldClim 2.1 bioclimatic data extracted for the baseline (WorldClim 2.1 at 2.5 minutes resolution) and one future (wc2.1_2.5m_bioc_EC-Earth3-Veg_ssp245_2041-2060) climate for presence observations of Cucurbita cordata, C. digitata and C. palmata provided via the CucurbitaData data set of the GapAnalysis package. This data set is used for examples of the ensemble.concave.hull and ensemble.concave.venn functions.




Fick SE and Hijmans RJ. 2017. WorldClim 2: new 1km spatial resolution climate surfaces for global land areas. International Journal of Climatology 37: 4302-4315.

Carver et al. 2021. GapAnalysis: an R package to calculate conservation indicators using spatial information. Ecography 44: 1000-1009.



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