CDM: Cognitive Diagnosis Modeling

Functions for cognitive diagnosis modeling and multidimensional item response modeling for dichotomous and polytomous data. This package enables the estimation of the DINA and DINO model, the multiple group (polytomous) GDINA model, the multiple choice DINA model, the general diagnostic model (GDM), the multidimensional linear compensatory item response model and the structured latent class model (SLCA).

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Author Alexander Robitzsch [aut, cre], Thomas Kiefer [aut], Ann Cathrice George [aut], Ali Uenlue [aut]
Date of publication2017-04-11 12:27:06 UTC
MaintainerAlexander Robitzsch <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

abs_approx: Differentiable Aproximation of the Absolute Value Function

anova.din: Likelihood Ratio Test for Model Comparisons

cdi.kli: Cognitive Diagnostic Indices based on Kullback-Leibler...

cdm.est.class.accuracy: Classification Reliability in a CDM

CDM-package: Cognitive Diagnosis Modeling: The R Package 'CDM'

coef: Extract Estimated Item Parameters and Skill Class...

data.cdm: Several Datasets for the 'CDM' Package

data.dcm: Dataset from Book 'Diagnostic Measurement' of Rupp, Templin...

data.dtmr: DTMR Fraction Data (Bradshaw et al., 2014)

data.ecpe: Dataset ECPE

data.fraction1: Fraction Subtraction Dataset 1

data.fraction2: Fraction Subtraction Dataset 2 Dataset '' (Ravand et al., 2013)

data.jang: Dataset Jang (2009)

data.melab: MELAB Data (Li, 2011) Large-Scale Dataset with Multiple Groups

data.pgdina: Dataset for Polytomous GDINA Model

data.sda6: Dataset SDA6 (Jurich & Bradshaw, 2014)

Data-sim: Artificial Data: DINA and DINO

data.Students: Dataset Student Questionnaire TIMSS 2003 Mathematics 8th Grade (Su et al., 2013)

data.timss07.G4.lee: TIMSS 2007 Mathematics 4th Grade (Lee et al., 2011)

data.timss11.G4.AUT: TIMSS 2011 Mathematics 4th Grade Austrian Students

deltaMethod: Variance Matrix of a Nonlinear Estimator Using the Delta...

din: Parameter Estimation for Mixed DINA/DINO Model

din.deterministic: Deterministic Classification and Joint Maximum Likelihood...

din.equivalent.class: Calculation of Equivalent Skill Classes in the DINA/DINO...

din.validate.qmatrix: Q-Matrix Validation (Q-Matrix Modification) for Mixed...

entropy.lca: Test-specific and Item-specific Entropy for Latent Class...

equivalent.dina: Determination of a Statistically Equivalent DINA Model Fraction Subtraction Data

fraction.subtraction.qmatrix: Fraction Subtraction Q-Matrix

gdd: Generalized Distance Discriminating Method

gdina: Estimating the Generalized DINA (GDINA) Model

gdina.dif: Differential Item Functioning in the GDINA Model

gdina.wald: Wald Statistic for Item Fit of the DINA and ACDM Rule for...

gdm: General Diagnostic Model

ideal.response.pattern: Ideal Response Pattern

IRT.anova: Helper Function for Conducting Likelihood Ratio Tests

IRT.compareModels: Comparisons of Several Models S3 Method for Extracting Used Item Response Dataset

IRT.expectedCounts: S3 Method for Extracting Expected Counts

IRT.factor.scores: S3 Methods for Extracting Factor Scores (Person...

IRT.IC: Information Criteria

IRT.irfprob: S3 Methods for Extracting Item Response Functions

IRT.irfprobPlot: Plot Item Response Functions

IRT.itemfit: S3 Methods for Computing Item Fit

IRT.jackknife: Jackknifing an Item Response Model

IRT.likelihood: S3 Methods for Extracting of the Individual Likelihood and...

IRT.modelfit: S3 Methods for Assessing Model Fit

IRT.parameterTable: S3 Method for Extracting a Parameter Table

IRT.repDesign: Generation of a Replicate Design for 'IRT.jackknife'

IRT.RMSD: Root Mean Square Deviation (RMSD) Item Fit Statistic

item_by_group: Create Dataset with Group-Specific Items

itemfit.rmsea: RMSEA Item Fit

itemfit.sx2: S-X2 Item Fit Statistic for Dichotomous Data

logLik: Extract Log-Likelihood

mcdina: Multiple Choice DINA Model

modelfit.cor: Assessing Model Fit and Local Dependence by Comparing...

numerical_Hessian: Numerical Computation of the Hessian Matrix

osink: Opens and Closes a 'sink' Connection

personfit.appropriateness: Appropriateness Statistic for Person Fit Assessment

plot.din: Plot Method for Objects of Class din

predict: Expected Values and Predicted Probabilities from Item...

print.summary.din: Print Method for Objects of Class summary.din

sequential.items: Constructing a Dataset with Sequential Pseudo Items for...

sim.din: Data Simulation Tool for DINA, DINO and mixed DINA and DINO...

sim.gdina: Simulation of the GDINA model

skill.cor: Tetrachoric or Polychoric Correlations between Attributes

skillspace.approximation: Skill Space Approximation

skillspace.hierarchy: Creation of a Hierarchical Skill Space

slca: Structured Latent Class Analysis (SLCA)

summary.din: Summary Method for Objects of Class din

summary_sink: Prints 'summary' and 'sink' Output in a File

vcov: Asymptotic Covariance Matrix, Standard Errors and Confidence...

WaldTest: Wald Test for a Linear Hypothesis


abs_approx Man page
abs_approx_D1 Man page
anova.din Man page
anova.gdina Man page
anova.gdm Man page
anova.mcdina Man page
anova.slca Man page
cdi.kli Man page
cdm.est.class.accuracy Man page
CDM-package Man page
coef.din Man page
coef.gdina Man page
coef.gdm Man page
coef.IRT.jackknife Man page
coef.mcdina Man page
coef.slca Man page
confint.din Man page
csink Man page
data.cdm Man page
data.cdm01 Man page
data.cdm02 Man page
data.cdm03 Man page
data.cdm04 Man page
data.dcm Man page
data.dtmr Man page
data.ecpe Man page
data.fraction1 Man page
data.fraction2 Man page Man page
data.jang Man page
data.melab Man page Man page
data.pgdina Man page
data.sda6 Man page
Data-sim Man page
data.Students Man page Man page
data.timss07.G4.lee Man page
data.timss11.G4.AUT Man page
data.timss11.G4.AUT.part Man page
deltaMethod Man page
din Man page
din.deterministic Man page
din.equivalent.class Man page
din.validate.qmatrix Man page
entropy.lca Man page
equivalent.dina Man page Man page
fraction.subtraction.qmatrix Man page
gdd Man page
gdina Man page
gdina.dif Man page
gdina.wald Man page
gdm Man page
ideal.response.pattern Man page
IRT.anova Man page
IRT.compareModels Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
IRT.derivedParameters Man page
IRT.expectedCounts Man page
IRT.expectedCounts.din Man page
IRT.expectedCounts.gdina Man page
IRT.expectedCounts.gdm Man page
IRT.expectedCounts.mcdina Man page
IRT.expectedCounts.slca Man page
IRT.factor.scores Man page
IRT.factor.scores.din Man page
IRT.factor.scores.gdina Man page
IRT.factor.scores.gdm Man page
IRT.factor.scores.mcdina Man page
IRT.factor.scores.slca Man page
IRT.IC Man page
IRT.irfprob Man page
IRT.irfprob.din Man page
IRT.irfprob.gdina Man page
IRT.irfprob.gdm Man page
IRT.irfprob.mcdina Man page
IRT.irfprobPlot Man page
IRT.irfprob.slca Man page
IRT.itemfit Man page
IRT.itemfit.din Man page
IRT.itemfit.gdina Man page
IRT.itemfit.gdm Man page
IRT.itemfit.slca Man page
IRT.jackknife Man page
IRT.jackknife.gdina Man page
IRT.likelihood Man page
IRT.likelihood.din Man page
IRT.likelihood.gdina Man page
IRT.likelihood.gdm Man page
IRT.likelihood.mcdina Man page
IRT.likelihood.slca Man page
IRT.modelfit Man page
IRT.modelfit.din Man page
IRT.modelfit.gdina Man page
IRT.parameterTable Man page
IRT.posterior Man page
IRT.posterior.din Man page
IRT.posterior.gdina Man page
IRT.posterior.gdm Man page
IRT.posterior.mcdina Man page
IRT.posterior.slca Man page
IRT.predict Man page
IRT.repDesign Man page
IRT.RMSD Man page Man page Man page
item_by_group Man page
itemfit.rmsea Man page
itemfit.sx2 Man page
logLik.din Man page
logLik.gdina Man page
logLik.gdm Man page
logLik.mcdina Man page
logLik.slca Man page
mcdina Man page
modelfit.cor Man page
modelfit.cor2 Man page
modelfit.cor.din Man page
numerical_Hessian Man page
osink Man page
personfit.appropriateness Man page
plot.din Man page
plot.gdina Man page
plot.gdm Man page
plot.itemfit.sx2 Man page
plot.personfit.appropriateness Man page
plot.slca Man page
predict.din Man page
predict.gdina Man page
predict.gdm Man page
predict.mcdina Man page
predict.slca Man page
print.din Man page
print.gdina Man page
print.gdm Man page
print.mcdina Man page
print.slca Man page
print.summary.din Man page
sequential.items Man page
sim.din Man page
sim.dina Man page
sim.dino Man page
sim.gdina Man page
sim.gdina.prepare Man page
sim.qmatrix Man page
skill.cor Man page
skill.polychor Man page
skillspace.approximation Man page
skillspace.full Man page
skillspace.hierarchy Man page
slca Man page
summary.cdi.kli Man page
summary.din Man page
summary.entropy.lca Man page
summary.gdina Man page
summary.gdina.dif Man page
summary.gdina.wald Man page
summary.gdm Man page
summary.IRT.compareModels Man page
summary.IRT.modelfit.din Man page
summary.IRT.modelfit.gdina Man page
summary.IRT.RMSD Man page
summary.itemfit.sx2 Man page
summary.mcdina Man page
summary.modelfit.cor.din Man page
summary.personfit.appropriateness Man page
summary_sink Man page
summary.slca Man page
vcov.din Man page
vcov.IRT.jackknife Man page
WaldTest Man page


R/abs_approx.R R/plot.gdm.R R/rmsd_chisquare.R R/gdd.R R/print.summary.din.R R/din.deterministic.R R/cdi.kli.R R/personfit.appropriateness.R R/gdina.dif.R R/modelfit.cor2.R R/IRT_RMSD_proc_dist_item.R R/summary.gdina.R R/rowProds.R R/print.gdina.R R/IRT.anova.R R/osink.R R/gdm.R R/mcdina_prepare.R R/gdina_proc_noninvariance_multiple_groups.R R/IRT.itemfit.R R/gdina.R R/IRT_RMSD_calc_distributions.R R/IRT.predict.R R/din.validate.qmatrix.R R/IRT.parameterTable.R R/equivalent.skillclasses.R R/summary.gdm.R R/itemfit.sx2_aux.R R/entropy.lca.R R/itemfit.rmsea.R R/itemfit.sx2.R R/equivalent.dina.R R/din.deterministic_alg.R R/WaldTest.R R/ R/gdm_postproc.R R/print.slca.R R/skill.cor.R R/din.R R/print.din.R R/mcdina.simul.R R/gdina_reduced_skillspace.R R/IRT.likelihood.R R/summary.IRT.RMSD_print_statistics.R R/deltaMethod.R R/mcdina.postproc.R R/mcdina_alg_cppcall.R R/gdina.wald_aux.R R/item_by_group.R R/IRT.modelfit.R R/summary_sink.R R/ R/modelfit.cor.R R/coef.R R/cdm.est.calc.accuracy.R R/gdina_mstep_item_uls.R R/IRT.expectedCounts.R R/check.input.R R/slca.R R/plot.gdina.R R/gdina_proc_sequential_items.R R/numerical_Hessian.R R/vcov.din.R R/sequential.items.R R/skillspace.hierarchy.R R/print.gdm.R R/IRT.IC.R R/slca.postprocess.R R/IRT.compareModels.R R/sim.din.R R/gdina.wald.R R/gdina_mstep_item_ml.R R/RcppExports.R R/confint.din.R R/IRT_RMSD_calc_rmsd.R R/gdina.dif_aux.R R/IRT.jackknife.gdina.R R/print.mcdina.R R/logLik_CDM.R R/rowMaxs.R R/gdm_preproc.R R/IRT.factor.scores.R R/gdina_se_itemwise.R R/IRT.irfprob.R R/mcdina.R R/gdm_algorithm.R R/din.partable.R R/squeeze.cdm.R R/plot.din.R R/summary.IRT.RMSD.R R/gdina_mstep_item_ml_rrum2.R R/replace_NA.R R/summary.gdina.wald.R R/ideal.response.pattern.R R/calc_posterior.R R/gdina_hogdina_alg.R R/summary.din.R R/IRT.posterior.R R/summary.slca.R R/gdina.postproc.R R/jkestimates.R R/solve_add_ridge.R R/gdina.partable.R R/modelfit.cor.din.R R/ R/rrum.param.R R/IRT.repDesign.R R/gdina_mstep_item_ml_rrum.R R/IRT.RMSD.R R/slca.algorithm.R R/logpars2rrumpars.R R/label_significance_level.R R/vcov.loglike.din.R R/skillspace.approximation.R R/rrumpars2logpars.R R/dataframe_summary.R R/summary.mcdina.R R/array3_sum.R R/IRT.irfprobPlot.R R/zzz.R R/anova.din.R R/plot.slca.R R/mcdina.est.item.R R/IRT.jackknife.R R/sim.gdina.R R/IRT.derivedParameters.R R/gdina_designmatrices.R R/predict.CDM.R
man/sim.gdina.Rd man/WaldTest.Rd man/mcdina.Rd man/data.jang.Rd man/din.validate.qmatrix.Rd man/IRT.modelfit.Rd man/modelfit.cor.Rd man/gdd.Rd man/data.dcm.Rd man/itemfit.sx2.Rd man/IRT.IC.Rd man/sequential.items.Rd man/personfit.appropriateness.Rd man/data.melab.Rd man/CDM-package.Rd man/data.sda6.Rd man/gdina.Rd man/cdm.est.class.accuracy.Rd man/IRT.itemfit.Rd man/slca.Rd man/osink.Rd man/din.Rd man/IRT.parameterTable.Rd man/IRT.anova.Rd man/sim.din.Rd man/Data-sim.Rd man/logLik.Rd man/abs_approx.Rd man/plot.din.Rd man/IRT.irfprobPlot.Rd man/data.fraction2.Rd man/ man/gdm.Rd man/IRT.irfprob.Rd man/print.summary.din.Rd man/skillspace.hierarchy.Rd man/ man/IRT.RMSD.Rd man/itemfit.rmsea.Rd man/predict.Rd man/data.dtmr.Rd man/summary_sink.Rd man/ man/din.deterministic.Rd man/data.cdm.Rd man/skill.cor.Rd man/entropy.lca.Rd man/ideal.response.pattern.Rd man/IRT.expectedCounts.Rd man/numerical_Hessian.Rd man/data.Students.Rd man/IRT.compareModels.Rd man/equivalent.dina.Rd man/data.fraction1.Rd man/gdina.dif.Rd man/data.ecpe.Rd man/IRT.factor.scores.Rd man/vcov.Rd man/deltaMethod.Rd man/data.pgdina.Rd man/data.timss07.G4.lee.Rd man/skillspace.approximation.Rd man/fraction.subtraction.qmatrix.Rd man/data.timss11.G4.AUT.Rd man/item_by_group.Rd man/cdi.kli.Rd man/summary.din.Rd man/gdina.wald.Rd man/IRT.likelihood.Rd man/coef.Rd man/ man/IRT.jackknife.Rd man/anova.din.Rd man/din.equivalent.class.Rd man/IRT.repDesign.Rd man/

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