Man pages for CDM
Cognitive Diagnosis Modeling

anova.dinLikelihood Ratio Test for Model Comparisons
cdi.kliCognitive Diagnostic Indices based on Kullback-Leibler...
cdm.est.class.accuracyClassification Reliability in a CDM
CDM-packageCognitive Diagnosis Modeling
CDM-utilitiesUtility Functions in 'CDM'
coefExtract Estimated Item Parameters and Skill Class...
data.cdmSeveral Datasets for the 'CDM' Package
data.dcmDataset from Book 'Diagnostic Measurement' of Rupp, Templin...
data.dtmrDTMR Fraction Data (Bradshaw et al., 2014)
data.ecpeDataset ECPE
data.fractionFraction Subtraction Dataset with Different Subsets of Data...
data.hrDataset '' (Ravand et al., 2013)
data.jangDataset Jang (2009)
data.melabMELAB Data (Li, 2011)
data.mgLarge-Scale Dataset with Multiple Groups
data.pgdinaDataset for Polytomous GDINA Model
data.pisa00RPISA 2000 Reading Study (Chen & de la Torre, 2014)
data.sda6Dataset SDA6 (Jurich & Bradshaw, 2014)
Data-simArtificial Data: DINA and DINO
data.StudentsDataset Student Questionnaire
data.timss03.G8.suTIMSS 2003 Mathematics 8th Grade (Su et al., 2013)
data.timss07.G4.leeTIMSS 2007 Mathematics 4th Grade (Lee et al., 2011)
data.timss11.G4.AUTTIMSS 2011 Mathematics 4th Grade Austrian Students
deltaMethodVariance Matrix of a Nonlinear Estimator Using the Delta...
dinParameter Estimation for Mixed DINA/DINO Model
din.deterministicDeterministic Classification and Joint Maximum Likelihood...
din.equivalent.classCalculation of Equivalent Skill Classes in the DINA/DINO...
din_identifiabilityIdentifiability Conditions of the DINA Model
din.validate.qmatrixQ-Matrix Validation (Q-Matrix Modification) for Mixed...
discrim.indexDiscrimination Indices at Item-Attribute, Item and Test Level
entropy.lcaTest-specific and Item-specific Entropy for Latent Class...
equivalent.dinaDetermination of a Statistically Equivalent DINA Model
eval_likelihoodEvaluation of Likelihood
fraction.subtraction.dataFraction Subtraction Data
fraction.subtraction.qmatrixFraction Subtraction Q-Matrix
gddGeneralized Distance Discriminating Method
gdinaEstimating the Generalized DINA (GDINA) Model
gdina.difDifferential Item Functioning in the GDINA Model
gdina.waldWald Statistic for Item Fit of the DINA and ACDM Rule for...
gdmGeneral Diagnostic Model
ideal.response.patternIdeal Response Pattern
IRT.anovaHelper Function for Conducting Likelihood Ratio Tests
IRT.classifyIndividual Classification for Fitted Models
IRT.compareModelsComparisons of Several Models
IRT.dataS3 Method for Extracting Used Item Response Dataset
IRT.expectedCountsS3 Method for Extracting Expected Counts
IRT.factor.scoresS3 Methods for Extracting Factor Scores (Person...
IRT.frequenciesS3 Method for Computing Observed and Expected Frequencies of...
IRT.ICInformation Criteria
IRT.irfprobS3 Methods for Extracting Item Response Functions
IRT.irfprobPlotPlot Item Response Functions
IRT.itemfitS3 Methods for Computing Item Fit
IRT.jackknifeJackknifing an Item Response Model
IRT.likelihoodS3 Methods for Extracting of the Individual Likelihood and...
IRT.marginal_posteriorS3 Method for Computation of Marginal Posterior Distribution
IRT.modelfitS3 Methods for Assessing Model Fit
IRT.parameterTableS3 Method for Extracting a Parameter Table
IRT.repDesignGeneration of a Replicate Design for 'IRT.jackknife'
IRT.RMSDRoot Mean Square Deviation (RMSD) Item Fit Statistic
item_by_groupCreate Dataset with Group-Specific Items
itemfit.rmseaRMSEA Item Fit
itemfit.sx2S-X2 Item Fit Statistic for Dichotomous Data
logLikExtract Log-Likelihood
mcdinaMultiple Choice DINA Model
modelfit.corAssessing Model Fit and Local Dependence by Comparing...
numerical_HessianNumerical Computation of the Hessian Matrix
osinkOpens and Closes a 'sink' Connection
personfit.appropriatenessAppropriateness Statistic for Person Fit Assessment
plot.dinPlot Method for Objects of Class din
plot_item_masteryS3 Methods for Plotting Item Probabilities
predictExpected Values and Predicted Probabilities from Item...
print.summary.dinPrint Method for Objects of Class summary.din
reglcaRegularized Latent Class Analysis
sequential.itemsConstructing a Dataset with Sequential Pseudo Items for...
sim.dinData Simulation Tool for DINA, DINO and mixed DINA and DINO...
sim.gdinaSimulation of the GDINA model
sim_modelSimulate an Item Response Model
skill.corTetrachoric or Polychoric Correlations between Attributes
skillspace.approximationSkill Space Approximation
skillspace.hierarchyCreation of a Hierarchical Skill Space
slcaStructured Latent Class Analysis (SLCA)
summary.dinSummary Method for Objects of Class din
summary_sinkPrints 'summary' and 'sink' Output in a File
vcovAsymptotic Covariance Matrix, Standard Errors and Confidence...
WaldTestWald Test for a Linear Hypothesis
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