Man pages for CLONETv2
Clonality Estimates in Tumor

adm_table_toyToy example of admixture table.
allele_specific_cna_table_toyToy example of allele specific table of somatic copy number.
bt_toyToy example of beta table.
check_ploidy_and_admixtureFunction to compute ploidy from a beta table.
compute_allele_specific_scna_tableFunction to compute allele specific somatic copy number
compute_beta_tableFunction to compute beta table
compute_dna_admixtureFunction to compute DNA admixture of a tumor sample from the...
compute_ploidyFunction to compute ploidy from a beta table.
compute_scna_clonality_tableFunction to compute clonality of somatic copy number data
compute_snv_clonalityFunction to compute clonality of SNVs
error_tableBeta estimation error.
pileup_normal_toyToy example of normal pileup data.
pileup_tumor_toyToy example of tumor pileup data.
pl_table_toyToy example of ploidy table.
scna_clonality_table_toyToy example of clonality table of somatic copy number.
seg_tb_toyToy example of segmetd data.
snv_clonality_table_toyToy example of snv clonality table.
snv_reads_toyToy example of snv data.
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