Man pages for CNVassoc
Association Analysis of CNV Data and Imputed SNPs

cnvCNV object
CNVassocAssociation analysis between a CNV and phenotype
CNVassoc-internalInternal CNVassoc functions
CNVtestTesting association between a CNV and phenotype
fastCNVassocFast association analysis between a CNV or imputed SNPs and...
fastCNVinterFast epistasis (pairwise interaction) analysis between two...
getProbsGet posterior probabilities from an object of class 'cnv' or...
getProbsRegionsGet posterior probabilities for blocks/regions
getPvalBHCorrected p values using Benjamini & Hochberg approach
getQualityScoreComputes a quality score for a CNV fit
multiCNVassocAssociation between several CNVs and disease
plotSignalplots the intensities of a CNV univariate signal data
simCNVdataBinarySimulation of CNV and discrete traits
simCNVdataCaseConSimulation of CNV in a case-control study design
simCNVdataNormSimulation of CNV and quantitative traits
simCNVdataPoisSimulate Poisson data
simCNVdataWeibullSimulate of CNV and a right censored Weibull distributed...
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