Compositional: Compositional Data Analysis

Regression, classification, contour plots, hypothesis testing, fitting of distributions are the main function included.

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AuthorMichail Tsagris [aut, cre], Giorgos Athineou [aut]
Date of publication2017-02-28 10:58:49
MaintainerMichail Tsagris <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

alfa: The alpha-transformation

alfadist: The alpha-distance

alfainv: Inverse of the alpha-transformation

alfa.pcr: Multivariate or univariate regression with compositional data...

alfapcr.tune: Tuning the number of PCs in the PCR with compositional data...

alfa.profile: Estimation of the value of alpha via the alfa profile...

alfa.rda: Regularised discriminant analysis for compositional data...

alfarda.tune: Cross validation for the regularised discriminant analysis...

alfa.reg: Regression with compositional data using the...

alfareg.tune: Tuning the value of alpha in the alpha-regression

alfa.ridge: Ridge regression with compositional data in the covariates...

alfaridge.plot: Ridge regression plot

alfaridge.tune: Cross validation for the ridge regression with compositional...

alfa.tune: Fast estimation of the value of alpha

bic.mixcompnorm: Mixture model selection via BIC

bivt.contour: Contour plot of the t distribution in S^2

comp.den: Estimating location and scatter parameters for compositional...

comp.kerncontour: Contour plot of the kernel density estimate in S^2

comp.knn: The k-NN algorithm for compositional data

compknn.tune: Tuning of the he k-NN algorithm for compositional data

Compositional-package: Compositional Data Analysis

comp.reg: Multivariate regression with compositional data

comp.test: Hypothesis testing for two or more compositional mean vectors

ddiri: Density values of a Dirichlet distribution

diri.contour: Contour plot of a Dirichlet distribution in S^2

diri.est: Fitting a Dirichlet distribution

dirimean.test: Log-likelihood ratio test for a Dirichlet mean vector Fitting a Dirichlet distribution via Newton-Rapshon

diri.reg: Dirichlet regression

eel.test1: Exponential empirical likelihood for a one sample mean vector...

eel.test2: Exponential empirical likelihood hypothesis testing for two...

el.test1: Empirical likelihood for a one sample mean vector hypothesis...

el.test2: Empirical likelihood hypothesis testing for two mean vectors

frechet: The Frechet mean for compositional data

glm.pcr: Principal component generalised linear models

glmpcr.tune: Tuning the principal components with GLMs

helm: The Helmert sub-matrix

hotel1T2: Hotelling's multivariate version of the 1 sample t-test for...

hotel2T2: Hotelling's multivariate version of the 2 sample t-test for...

james: James multivariate version of the t-test

kl.compreg: Divergence based regression for compositional data

kl.diri: Kullback-Leibler divergence and Bhattacharyya distance...

maov: Multivariate analysis of variance

maovjames: Multivariate analysis of variance (James test)

mix.compnorm: Gaussian mixture models for compositional data

mixnorm.contour: Contour plot of a Gaussian mixture model in S^2

mkde: Multivariate kernel density estimation

mkde.tune: Tuning of the bandwidth h of the kernel using the maximum...

multivreg: Multivariate linear regression

multivt: MLE for the multivarite t distribution

norm.contour: Contour plot of the normal distribution in S^2

ols.compreg: Non linear least squares regression for compositional data

pcr: Principal components regression

pcr.tune: Tuning of the principal components regression

rcompnorm: Multivariate normal random values simulation on the simplex

rcompsn: Multivariate skew normal random values simulation on the...

rcompt: Multivariate t random values simulation on the simplex

rda: Regularised discriminant analysis for Euclidean data

rda.tune: Tuning the parameters of the regularised discriminant...

rdiri: Dirichlet random values simulation

ridge.plot: Ridge regression plot

ridge.reg: Ridge regression

ridge.tune: Cross validation for the ridge regression

rmixcomp: Simulation of compositional data from Gaussian mixture models

skewnorm.contour: Contour plot of the skew skewnormal distribution in S^2

spatmed.reg: Spatial median regression

sscov: Spatial sign covariance matrix

sym.test: Log-likelihood ratio test for a symmetric Dirichlet...

ternary: Ternary diagram


alfa Man page
alfadist Man page
alfainv Man page
alfa.knn Man page
alfaknn.tune Man page
alfa.pcr Man page
alfapcr.tune Man page
alfa.profile Man page
alfa.rda Man page
alfarda.tune Man page
alfa.reg Man page
alfareg.tune Man page
alfa.ridge Man page
alfaridge.plot Man page
alfaridge.tune Man page
alfa.tune Man page
bic.mixcompnorm Man page
bivt.contour Man page
comp.den Man page
comp.kerncontour Man page
comp.knn Man page
compknn.tune Man page
Compositional-package Man page
comp.reg Man page
comp.test Man page
ddiri Man page
diri.contour Man page
diri.est Man page
dirimean.test Man page Man page
diri.reg Man page
diri.reg2 Man page
eel.test1 Man page
eel.test2 Man page
el.test1 Man page
el.test2 Man page
frechet Man page
glm.pcr Man page
glmpcr.tune Man page
helm Man page
hotel1T2 Man page
hotel2T2 Man page
james Man page
js.compreg Man page
kl.compreg Man page
kl.diri Man page
maov Man page
maovjames Man page
mix.compnorm Man page
mixnorm.contour Man page
mkde Man page
mkde.tune Man page
multivreg Man page
multivt Man page
norm.contour Man page
ols.compreg Man page
pcr Man page
pcr.tune Man page
rcompnorm Man page
rcompsn Man page
rcompt Man page
rda Man page
rda.tune Man page
rdiri Man page
ridge.plot Man page
ridge.reg Man page
ridge.tune Man page
rmixcomp Man page
skewnorm.contour Man page
spatmed.reg Man page
sscov Man page
sym.test Man page
ternary Man page


R/ols.compreg.R R/rcompnorm.R R/alfa.reg.R R/alfaknn.tune.R R/multivt.R R/mkde.tune.R R/diri.reg2.R R/hotel1T2.R R/mkde.R R/multivreg.R R/rda.tune.R R/diri.est.R R/james.R R/alfarda.tune.R R/comp.test.R R/eel.test2.R R/sym.test.R R/bic.mixcompnorm.R R/sscov.R R/el.test1.R R/kl.compreg.R R/glmpcr.tune.R R/ R/alfapcr.tune.R R/alfa.profile.R R/ridge.tune.R R/helm.R R/ridge.reg.R R/kl.diri.R R/alfa.ridge.R R/alfa.pcr.R R/pcr.tune.R R/frechet.R R/comp.kerncontour.R R/glm.pcr.R R/ddiri.R R/mix.compnorm.R R/alfadist.R R/bivt.contour.R R/ternary.R R/mixnorm.contour.R R/maov.R R/comp.knn.R R/rcompt.R R/diri.contour.R R/alfaridge.plot.R R/rmixcomp.R R/js.compreg.R R/ridge.plot.R R/hotel2T2.R R/rdiri.R R/rcompsn.R R/maovjames.R R/skewnorm.contour.R R/alfa.tune.R R/comp.den.R R/alfa.rda.R R/alfainv.R R/spatmed.reg.R R/compknn.tune.R R/alfaridge.tune.R R/alfareg.tune.R R/comp.reg.R R/eel.test1.R R/norm.contour.R R/alfa.knn.R R/pcr.R R/el.test2.R R/dirimean.test.R R/rda.R R/diri.reg.R R/alfa.R
man/comp.reg.Rd man/kl.diri.Rd man/rda.Rd man/ols.compreg.Rd man/mkde.tune.Rd man/alfa.pcr.Rd man/pcr.tune.Rd man/diri.reg.Rd man/diri.contour.Rd man/ridge.tune.Rd man/eel.test1.Rd man/sym.test.Rd man/ternary.Rd man/glm.pcr.Rd man/rdiri.Rd man/eel.test2.Rd man/alfa.reg.Rd man/rda.tune.Rd man/spatmed.reg.Rd man/alfa.ridge.Rd man/rcompt.Rd man/diri.est.Rd man/glmpcr.tune.Rd man/multivt.Rd man/frechet.Rd man/mix.compnorm.Rd man/rmixcomp.Rd man/sscov.Rd man/maovjames.Rd man/compknn.tune.Rd man/pcr.Rd man/mkde.Rd man/rcompnorm.Rd man/alfa.profile.Rd man/alfa.Rd man/comp.knn.Rd man/ddiri.Rd man/maov.Rd man/alfaridge.tune.Rd man/alfapcr.tune.Rd man/Compositional-package.Rd man/comp.den.Rd man/ridge.plot.Rd man/kl.compreg.Rd man/alfa.tune.Rd man/alfaridge.plot.Rd man/ridge.reg.Rd man/alfa.rda.Rd man/helm.Rd man/bivt.contour.Rd man/comp.kerncontour.Rd man/comp.test.Rd man/skewnorm.contour.Rd man/dirimean.test.Rd man/alfainv.Rd man/james.Rd man/el.test2.Rd man/multivreg.Rd man/hotel1T2.Rd man/bic.mixcompnorm.Rd man/alfarda.tune.Rd man/mixnorm.contour.Rd man/rcompsn.Rd man/alfareg.tune.Rd man/hotel2T2.Rd man/norm.contour.Rd man/ man/el.test1.Rd man/alfadist.Rd

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