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Compositional Data Analysis

a.estEstimation of the value of alpha in the folded model
alfaThe alpha-transformation
alfadistThe alpha-distance
alfainvInverse of the alpha-transformation
alfa.pcrMultivariate or univariate regression with compositional data...
alfapcr.tuneTuning the number of PCs in the PCR with compositional data...
alfa.profileEstimation of the value of alpha via the alfa profile...
alfa.rdaRegularised discriminant analysis for compositional data...
alfarda.tuneCross validation for the regularised discriminant analysis...
alfa.regRegression with compositional data using the...
alfareg.tuneTuning the value of alpha in the alpha-regression
alfa.ridgeRidge regression with compositional data in the covariates...
alfaridge.plotRidge regression plot
alfaridge.tuneCross validation for the ridge regression with compositional...
alfa.tuneFast estimation of the value of alpha
alpha.mleMLE of the folded model for a given value of alpha
alrThe additive log-ratio transformation and its inverse
beta.estMLE of distributions defined in the (0, 1) interval
bic.mixcompnormMixture model selection via BIC
bivt.contourContour plot of the t distribution in S^2
comp.denEstimating location and scatter parameters for compositional...
comp.kerncontourContour plot of the kernel density estimate in S^2
comp.knnThe k-NN algorithm for compositional data
compknn.regk-NN regression with compositional data
compknn.tuneTuning of the he k-NN algorithm for compositional data
Compositional-packageCompositional Data Analysis
comp.pprProjection pursuit regression for compositional data
comp.regMultivariate regression with compositional data
comp.testHypothesis testing for two or more compositional mean vectors
ddiriDensity values of a Dirichlet distribution
diri.contourContour plot of a Dirichlet distribution in S^2
diri.estFitting a Dirichlet distribution
dirimean.testLog-likelihood ratio test for a Dirichlet mean vector
diri.nrFitting a Dirichlet distribution via Newton-Rapshon
diri.regDirichlet regression
eel.test1Exponential empirical likelihood for a one sample mean vector...
eel.test2Exponential empirical likelihood hypothesis testing for two...
el.test1Empirical likelihood for a one sample mean vector hypothesis...
el.test2Empirical likelihood hypothesis testing for two mean vectors
frechetThe Frechet mean for compositional data
glm.pcrPrincipal component generalised linear models
glmpcr.tuneTuning the principal components with GLMs
helmThe Helmert sub-matrix
hotel1T2Hotelling's multivariate version of the 1 sample t-test for...
hotel2T2Hotelling's multivariate version of the 2 sample t-test for...
jamesJames multivariate version of the t-test
kl.alfapcrDivergence based regression for compositional data with...
klalfapcr.tuneTuning of the divergence based regression for compositional...
kl.compregDivergence based regression for compositional data
kl.compreg2Helper functions for the Kullback-Leibler regression
kl.diriKullback-Leibler divergence and Bhattacharyya distance...
maovMultivariate analysis of variance
maovjamesMultivariate analysis of variance (James test)
mix.compnormGaussian mixture models for compositional data
mixnorm.contourContour plot of a Gaussian mixture model in S^2
mkdeMultivariate kernel density estimation
mkde.tuneTuning of the bandwidth h of the kernel using the maximum...
multivregMultivariate linear regression
multivtMLE for the multivarite t distribution
norm.contourContour plot of the normal distribution in S^2
ols.compregNon linear least squares regression for compositional data
pcrPrincipal components regression
pcr.tuneTuning of the principal components regression
perturbationPerturbation operation
powPower operation
propregQuasi binomial regression for proportions
rcompnormMultivariate normal random values simulation on the simplex
rcompsnMultivariate skew normal random values simulation on the...
rcomptMultivariate t random values simulation on the simplex
rdaRegularised discriminant analysis for Euclidean data
rda.tuneTuning the parameters of the regularised discriminant...
rdiriDirichlet random values simulation
rfoldedSimulation of compositional data from the folded model
ridge.plotRidge regression plot
ridge.regRidge regression
ridge.tuneCross validation for the ridge regression
rmixcompSimulation of compositional data from Gaussian mixture models
skewnorm.contourContour plot of the skew skew-normal distribution in S^2
spatmed.regSpatial median regression
sym.testLog-likelihood ratio test for a symmetric Dirichlet...
ternaryTernary diagram
totvarTotal variability
zadrZero adjusted Dirichlet regression
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