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Estimating location and scatter parameters for compositional dataR Documentation

Estimating location and scatter parameters for compositional data


Estimating location and scatter parameters for compositional data in a robust and non robust way.


comp.den(x, type = "alr", dist = "normal", tol = 1e-07)



A matrix containing compositional data. No zero values are allowed.


A boolean variable indicating the transformation to be used. Either "alr" or "ilr" corresponding to the additive or the isometric log-ratio transformation respectively.


Takes values "normal", "t", "skewnorm", "rob" and "spatial". They first three options correspond to the parameters of the normal, t and skew normal distribution respectively. If it set to "rob" the MCD estimates are computed and if set to "spatial" the spatial median and spatial sign covariance matrix are computed.


A tolerance level to terminate the process of finding the spatial median when dist = "spatial". This is set to 1e-09 by default.


This function calculates robust and non robust estimates of location and scatter.


A list including: The mean vector and covariance matrix mainly. Other parameters are also returned depending on the value of the argument "dist".


Michail Tsagris.

R implementation and documentation: Michail Tsagris


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See Also

spatmed.reg, multivt


x <- as.matrix(iris[, 1:4])
x <- x / rowSums(x)
comp.den(x, type = "alr", dist = "t")
comp.den(x, type = "alr", dist = "spatial")

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