Compositional-package: Compositional Data Analysis

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A collection of functions for compositional data analysis.


Package: Compositional
Type: Package
Version: 3.3
Date: 2019-01-13
License: GPL-2


Michail Tsagris <[email protected]>



Michail Tsagris would like to express his acknowledgments to Professor Andy Wood and Dr Simon Preston from the university of Nottingham for being his supervisors during his PhD in compositional data analysis. We would also like to express our acknowledgments to Profesor Kurt Hornik (and also the rest of the R core team) for his help with this package. Manos Papadakis, undergraduate student in the department of computer science, university of Crete, is also acknowledged for his programming tips. Ermanno Affuso from the university of South Alabama suggested that I have a default value in the mkde function. Van Thang Hoang from Hasselt university spotted a bug in the js.compreg function and is greatly acknowledged for that. Claudia Wehrhahn Cortes spotted a bug in the diri.reg function and she is greatly acknowledged for that.


Michail Tsagris <[email protected]>, Giorgos Athineou <[email protected]> and Abdulaziz Alenazi <[email protected]>


Aitchison J. (1986). The statistical analysis of compositional data. Chapman & Hall.

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