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Cyclic Coordinate Descent for Logistic, Poisson and Survival Analysis

aconfintAsymptotic confidence intervals for a fitted Cyclops model...
coef.cyclopsFitExtract model coefficients
confint.cyclopsFitConfidence intervals for Cyclops model parameters
convertToCyclopsDataConvert data from two data frames or ffdf objects into a...
convertToCyclopsVarianceConvert to Cyclops Prior Variance
convertToGlmnetLambdaConvert to glmnet regularization parameter
convertToTimeVaryingCoefConvert short sparse covariate table to long sparse covariate...
createAutoGridCrossValidationControlCreate a Cyclops control object that supports multiple...
createControlCreate a Cyclops control object
createCyclopsDataCreate a Cyclops data object
createNonSeparablePriorCreate a Cyclops prior object that returns the MLE of...
createParameterizedPriorCreate a Cyclops parameterized prior object
createPriorCreate a Cyclops prior object
createWeightBasedSearchControlCreate a Cyclops control object that supports in- /...
cyclopsCyclops: Cyclic coordinate descent for logistic, Poisson and...
Cyclops-packageCyclops: Cyclic Coordinate Descent for Logistic, Poisson and...
fitCyclopsModelFit a Cyclops model
fitCyclopsSimulationFit simulated data
getCovariateIdsGet covariate identifiers
getCovariateTypesGet covariate types
getCrossValidationInfoGet cross-validation information from a Cyclops model fit
getCyclopsPredictiveLogLikelihoodCompute predictive log-likelihood from a Cyclops model fit
getCyclopsProfileLogLikelihoodProfile likelihood for Cyclops model parameters
getFineGrayWeightsCreates a 'Surv' object that forces in competing risks and...
getFloatingPointSizeGet floating point size
getHyperParameterGet hyperparameter
getNumberOfCovariatesGet total number of covariates
getNumberOfRowsGet total number of rows
getNumberOfStrataGet number of strata
getNumberOfTypesGet total number of outcome types
getSEsExtract standard errors
getUnivariableCorrelationGet univariable correlation
getUnivariableSeparabilityGet univariable linear separability
isInitializedCheck if a Cyclops data object is initialized
logLik.cyclopsFitExtract log-likelihood
meanLinearPredictorCalculates xbar*beta
mseMean squared error
MultitypeCreate a multitype outcome object
oxfordOxford self-controlled case series data
plotCyclopsSimulationFitPlot Cyclops simulation model fit
predict.cyclopsFitModel predictions
print.cyclopsDataPrint a Cyclops data object
print.cyclopsFitPrint a Cyclops model fit object
printMatrixMarketPrint Cyclops data matrix to file
readCyclopsDataRead Cyclops data from file
reduceApply simple data reductions
simulateCyclopsDataSimulation Cyclops dataset
splitTimeSplit the analysis time into several intervals for...
summary.cyclopsDataCyclops data object summary
survfit.cyclopsFitCalculate baseline hazard function
vcov.cyclopsFitCalculate variance-covariance matrix for a fitted Cyclops...
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