DBI: R Database Interface

A database interface definition for communication between R and relational database management systems. All classes in this package are virtual and need to be extended by the various R/DBMS implementations.

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AuthorR Special Interest Group on Databases (R-SIG-DB) [aut], Hadley Wickham [aut], Kirill Müller [aut, cre]
Date of publication2017-04-01 22:55:35 UTC
MaintainerKirill Müller <krlmlr+r@mailbox.org>
LicenseLGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

ANSI: A dummy DBI connector that simulates ANSI-SQL compliance

dbBind: Bind values to a parameterized/prepared statement

dbCallProc: Call an SQL stored procedure

dbClearResult: Clear a result set

dbColumnInfo: Information about result types

dbConnect: Create a connection to a DBMS

dbDataType: Determine the SQL data type of an object

dbDisconnect: Disconnect (close) a connection

dbDriver: Load and unload database drivers

dbExecute: Execute an update statement, query number of rows affected,...

dbExistsTable: Does a table exist?

dbFetch: Fetch records from a previously executed query

dbGetDBIVersion: Determine the current version of the package.

dbGetException: Get DBMS exceptions

dbGetInfo: Get DBMS metadata

dbGetQuery: Send query, retrieve results and then clear result set

dbGetRowCount: The number of rows fetched so far

dbGetRowsAffected: The number of rows affected

dbGetStatement: Get the statement associated with a result set

dbHasCompleted: Completion status

DBIConnection-class: DBIConnection class

DBIDriver-class: DBIDriver class

DBIObject-class: DBIObject class

DBI-package: DBI: R Database Interface

DBIResult-class: DBIResult class

dbIsValid: Is this DBMS object still valid?

dbListConnections: List currently open connections

dbListFields: List field names of a remote table

dbListResults: A list of all pending results

dbListTables: List remote tables

dbQuoteIdentifier: Quote identifiers

dbQuoteString: Quote literal strings

dbReadTable: Copy data frames from database tables

dbRemoveTable: Remove a table from the database

dbSendQuery: Execute a query on a given database connection

dbSendStatement: Execute a data manipulation statement on a given database...

dbSetDataMappings: Set data mappings between an DBMS and R.

dbWithTransaction: Self-contained SQL transactions

dbWriteTable: Copy data frames to database tables

hidden_aliases: Internal page for hidden aliases

make.db.names: Make R identifiers into legal SQL identifiers

print.list.pairs: Print a list of pairs.

rownames: Convert row names back and forth between columns

SQL: SQL quoting

sqlAppendTable: Insert rows into a table

sqlCreateTable: Create a simple table

sqlData: Convert a data frame into form suitable for upload to an SQL...

sqlInterpolate: Safely interpolate values into an SQL string

sqlParseVariables: Parse interpolated variables from SQL.

Table: Refer to a table nested in a hierarchy (e.g. within a schema)

transactions: Begin/commit/rollback SQL transactions


ANSI Man page
dbBegin Man page
dbBind Man page
dbBreak Man page
dbCallProc Man page
dbClearResult Man page
dbColumnInfo Man page
dbCommit Man page
dbConnect Man page
dbDataType Man page
dbDataType,DBIObject-method Man page
dbDisconnect Man page
dbDriver Man page
dbDriver,character-method Man page
dbExecute Man page
dbExecute,DBIConnection,character-method Man page
dbExistsTable Man page
dbFetch Man page
dbFetch,DBIResult-method Man page
dbGetDBIVersion Man page
dbGetException Man page
dbGetInfo Man page
dbGetInfo,DBIResult-method Man page
dbGetQuery Man page
dbGetQuery,DBIConnection,character-method Man page
dbGetRowCount Man page
dbGetRowsAffected Man page
dbGetStatement Man page
dbHasCompleted Man page
DBI Man page
DBIConnection-class Man page
DBIDriver-class Man page
DBIObject-class Man page
DBI-package Man page
DBIResult-class Man page
dbIsValid Man page
dbListConnections Man page
dbListFields Man page
dbListResults Man page
dbListTables Man page
dbQuoteIdentifier Man page
dbQuoteIdentifier,DBIConnection,character-method Man page
dbQuoteIdentifier,DBIConnection,SQL-method Man page
dbQuoteIdentifier,DBIConnection,Table-method Man page
dbQuoteString Man page
dbQuoteString,DBIConnection,character-method Man page
dbQuoteString,DBIConnection,SQL-method Man page
dbReadTable Man page
dbReadTable,DBIConnection,character-method Man page
dbRemoveTable Man page
dbRollback Man page
dbSendQuery Man page
dbSendStatement Man page
dbSendStatement,DBIConnection,character-method Man page
dbSetDataMappings Man page
dbUnloadDriver Man page
dbWithTransaction Man page
dbWithTransaction,DBIConnection-method Man page
dbWriteTable Man page
fetch Man page
hidden_aliases Man page
isSQLKeyword Man page
isSQLKeyword,DBIObject,character-method Man page
isSQLKeyword.default Man page
make.db.names Man page
make.db.names,DBIObject,character-method Man page
make.db.names.default Man page
print.list.pairs Man page
rownames Man page
show,AnsiConnection-method Man page
show,DBIConnection-method Man page
show,DBIDriver-method Man page
show,DBIResult-method Man page
show,SQL-method Man page
show,Table-method Man page
SQL Man page
sqlAppendTable Man page
sqlAppendTable,DBIConnection-method Man page
sqlAppendTableTemplate Man page
SQL-class Man page
sqlColumnToRownames Man page
sqlCommentSpec Man page
sqlCreateTable Man page
sqlCreateTable,DBIConnection-method Man page
sqlData Man page
sqlData,DBIConnection-method Man page
sqlInterpolate Man page
sqlInterpolate,DBIConnection-method Man page
SQLKeywords Man page
SQLKeywords,DBIObject-method Man page
SQLKeywords,missing-method Man page
sqlParseVariables Man page
sqlParseVariables,DBIConnection-method Man page
sqlParseVariablesImpl Man page
sqlQuoteSpec Man page
sqlRownamesToColumn Man page
Table Man page
Table-class Man page
transactions Man page


tests/testthat/test-sql-df.R tests/testthat/test-quote.R tests/testthat/test-data-type.R tests/testthat/helper-dummy.R tests/testthat/test-rownames.R tests/testthat/test-quoting.R tests/testthat/test-interpolate.R tests/testthat/test-methods.R
R/DBResult.R R/interpolate.R R/data-types.R R/quote.R R/DBDriver.R R/data.R R/rownames.R R/DBObject.R R/deprecated.R R/hidden.R R/util.R R/transactions.R R/table.R R/table-insert.R R/DBConnection.R R/table-create.R R/DBI-package.R R/ANSI.R
man/dbListResults.Rd man/dbGetInfo.Rd man/dbSendQuery.Rd man/dbListConnections.Rd man/dbIsValid.Rd man/ANSI.Rd man/DBIDriver-class.Rd man/hidden_aliases.Rd man/dbFetch.Rd man/sqlParseVariables.Rd man/dbColumnInfo.Rd man/sqlInterpolate.Rd man/dbListFields.Rd man/DBIConnection-class.Rd man/print.list.pairs.Rd man/dbHasCompleted.Rd man/dbSendStatement.Rd man/dbDriver.Rd man/dbExecute.Rd man/DBIResult-class.Rd man/dbGetRowsAffected.Rd man/sqlCreateTable.Rd man/Table.Rd man/dbRemoveTable.Rd man/dbGetException.Rd man/DBIObject-class.Rd man/make.db.names.Rd man/dbConnect.Rd man/dbExistsTable.Rd man/dbWriteTable.Rd man/dbListTables.Rd man/dbGetQuery.Rd man/dbGetStatement.Rd man/dbDisconnect.Rd man/SQL.Rd man/rownames.Rd man/dbGetDBIVersion.Rd man/sqlData.Rd man/transactions.Rd man/dbDataType.Rd man/DBI-package.Rd man/dbClearResult.Rd man/dbQuoteIdentifier.Rd man/dbWithTransaction.Rd man/sqlAppendTable.Rd man/dbGetRowCount.Rd man/dbReadTable.Rd man/dbQuoteString.Rd man/dbCallProc.Rd man/dbSetDataMappings.Rd man/dbBind.Rd

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