Man pages for DBI
R Database Interface

ANSIA dummy DBI connector that simulates ANSI-SQL compliance
dbAppendTableInsert rows into a table
dbBindBind values to a parameterized/prepared statement
dbCallProcCall an SQL stored procedure
dbCanConnectCheck if a connection to a DBMS can be established
dbClearResultClear a result set
dbColumnInfoInformation about result types
dbConnectCreate a connection to a DBMS
dbCreateTableCreate a table in the database
dbDataTypeDetermine the SQL data type of an object
dbDisconnectDisconnect (close) a connection
dbDriverLoad and unload database drivers
dbExecuteExecute an update statement, query number of rows affected,...
dbExistsTableDoes a table exist?
dbFetchFetch records from a previously executed query
dbGetConnectArgsGet connection arguments
dbGetDBIVersionDetermine the current version of the package.
dbGetExceptionGet DBMS exceptions
dbGetInfoGet DBMS metadata
dbGetQuerySend query, retrieve results and then clear result set
dbGetRowCountThe number of rows fetched so far
dbGetRowsAffectedThe number of rows affected
dbGetStatementGet the statement associated with a result set
dbHasCompletedCompletion status
DBIConnection-classDBIConnection class
DBIConnector-classDBIConnector class
DBIDriver-classDBIDriver class
DBIObject-classDBIObject class
DBI-packageDBI: R Database Interface
DBIResult-classDBIResult class
dbIsReadOnlyIs this DBMS object read only?
dbIsValidIs this DBMS object still valid?
dbListConnectionsList currently open connections
dbListFieldsList field names of a remote table
dbListObjectsList remote objects
dbListResultsA list of all pending results
dbListTablesList remote tables
dbQuoteIdentifierQuote identifiers
dbQuoteLiteralQuote literal values
dbQuoteStringQuote literal strings
dbReadTableCopy data frames from database tables
dbRemoveTableRemove a table from the database
dbSendQueryExecute a query on a given database connection
dbSendStatementExecute a data manipulation statement on a given database...
dbSetDataMappingsSet data mappings between an DBMS and R.
dbUnquoteIdentifierUnquote identifiers
dbWithTransactionSelf-contained SQL transactions
dbWriteTableCopy data frames to database tables
hidden_aliasesInternal page for hidden aliases
IdRefer to a table nested in a hierarchy (e.g. within a schema)
make.db.namesMake R identifiers into legal SQL identifiers
rownamesConvert row names back and forth between columns
SQLSQL quoting
sqlAppendTableCompose query to insert rows into a table
sqlCreateTableCompose query to create a simple table
sqlDataConvert a data frame into form suitable for upload to an SQL...
sqlInterpolateSafely interpolate values into an SQL string
sqlParseVariablesParse interpolated variables from SQL.
transactionsBegin/commit/rollback SQL transactions
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