Man pages for DJL
Distance Measure Based Judgment and Learning

dataset.airplane.2017Dataset of commercial airplanes from 1965 to 2017.
dataset.engine.2015Dataset of auto engines from MY2005 to MY2015.
dataset.hev.2013Dataset of hybrid electric vehicles from MY1997 to MY2013.
dm.ddfDistance measure using DDF
dm.deaDistance measure using DEA
dm.dynamic.bcDynamic DEA in the presence of intertemporal Budget...
dm.hdfDistance measure using HDF
dm.mahalanobisDistance measure using Mahalanobis distance for outlier... measure using DEA on a two-stage network structure
dm.sbmDistance measure using SBM
dm.sfDistance measure using SF
ma.aps.regCombinatorial search (all possible subset) for regression...
map.corrCorrelation mapping for reliability test
map.soa.ddfSOA mapping using DDF
map.soa.deaSOA mapping using DEA
map.soa.hdfSOA mapping using HDF
map.soa.sbmSOA mapping using SBM
map.soa.sfSOA mapping using SF
plpPrint LP object
roc.deaRate of change (RoC) calculation using DEA
roc.hdfRate of change (RoC) calculation using HDF
roc.malmquistMalmquist Index: time-series productivity analysis
roc.sfRate of change (RoC) calculation using SF
target.arrival.deaArrival target setting using DEA
target.arrival.hdfArrival target setting using HDF
target.arrival.sfArrival target setting using SF
target.spec.deaSpec target setting using DEA
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