DNAtools: Tools for Analysing Forensic Genetic DNA Data

Computationally efficient tools for comparing all pairs of profiles in a DNA database. The expectation and covariance of the summary statistic is implemented for fast computing. Routines for estimating proportions of close related individuals are available. The use of wildcards (also called F- designation) is implemented. Dedicated functions ease plotting the results.

AuthorTorben Tvedebrink <tvede@math.aau.dk> and James Curran <j.curran@auckland.ac.nz>. Mikkel Meyer Andersen <mikl@math.aau.dk> assisted on the multicore/CPU implementation.
Date of publication2017-02-11 01:25:56
MaintainerTorben Tvedebrink <tvede@math.aau.dk>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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