Man pages for DNAtools
Tools for Analysing Forensic Genetic DNA Data

dbCollapseCollapse m/p output to vector
dbCompareCompare DNA profiles
dbExampleSimulated database with 1,000 individuals
dbExpectExpected value of cell counts in DNA database comparison
dbSimulateSimulate a DNA database
dbVarianceCovariance matrix of cell counts in DNA database comparison
DNAtools-packageTools for analysing forensic genetic DNA databases
estimatePDEstimate the drop-out probability based on number of alleles
freqEstSimple allele frequency estimation
genRypeRecGenerates DNA profiles of n individuals.
genTypeRecGenerates DNA profiles of n unrelated individuals for a locus
optim.relatednessEstimate theta and the fraction of comparisons between close...
pContribCompute the posterior probabilities for P(m|n0) for a given...
pContrib_locusCompute the posterior probabilities for Pr(m|n0) for a given...
plot.dbcomparePlots the summary matrix
plot.dbOptimPlots the fitted object function for estimated familial...
Pnm_allThe exact distribution of the number of alleles in a m-person...
print.dbcomparePrints the summary matrix
print.dbOptimPrints the results from optim.relatedness()
simAlleleFreqsSimulate Allele Frequencies
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