DiagrammeR: Create Graph Diagrams and Flowcharts Using R

Create graph diagrams and flowcharts using R.

Install the latest version of this package by entering the following in R:
AuthorKnut Sveidqvist [aut, cph] (mermaid.js library in htmlwidgets/lib, http://github.com/knsv/mermaid/), Mike Bostock [aut, cph] (d3.js library in htmlwidgets/lib, http://d3js.org), Chris Pettitt [aut, cph] (dagre-d3.js library in htmlwidgets/lib, http://github.com/cpettitt/dagre-d3), Mike Daines [aut, cph] (viz.js library in htmlwidgets/lib, http://github.com/mdaines/viz.js/), Andrei Kashcha [aut, cph] (vivagraphjs library in htmlwidgets/lib, https://github.com/anvaka/VivaGraphJS), Richard Iannone [aut, cre] (R interface)
Date of publication2017-01-04 00:05:13
MaintainerRichard Iannone <riannone@me.com>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

add_balanced_tree: Add a balanced tree of nodes to the graph

add_cycle: Add a cycle of nodes to the graph

add_edge: Add an edge between nodes in a graph object

add_edge_df: Add edges from an edge data frame to an existing graph object

add_edges_from_table: Add edges and attributes to graph from a table

add_edges_w_string: Add one or more edges using a text string

add_full_graph: Add a fully connected graph

add_global_graph_attrs: Add one or more global graph attributes

add_n_nodes: Add one or several unconnected nodes to the graph

add_n_nodes_ws: Add a multiple of new nodes with edges to or from one or more...

add_node: Add a node to an existing graph object

add_node_df: Add nodes from a node data frame to an existing graph object

add_nodes_from_df_cols: Add nodes from distinct values in data frame columns

add_nodes_from_table: Add nodes and attributes to graph from a table

add_path: Add a path of nodes to the graph

add_prism: Add a prism of nodes to the graph

add_star: Add a star of nodes to the graph

add_to_series: Add graph object to a graph series object

cache_edge_attrs: Cache edge attributes in the graph

cache_edge_attrs_ws: Cache edge attributes (based on a selection of edges) in the...

cache_edge_count_ws: Cache a count of edges (available in a selection) in the...

cache_node_attrs: Cache node attributes in the graph

cache_node_attrs_ws: Cache node attributes (based on a selection of nodes) in the...

cache_node_count_ws: Cache a count of nodes (available in a selection) in the...

clear_global_graph_attrs: Clear any global graph attributes that are set

clear_selection: Clear a selection of nodes or edges in a graph

colorize_edge_attrs: Apply colors based on edge attribute values

colorize_node_attrs: Apply colors based on node attribute values

combine_edfs: Combine multiple edge data frames into a single edge data...

combine_graphs: Combine two graphs into a single graph

combine_ndfs: Combine multiple node data frames

copy_edge_attrs: Copy an edge attribute column and set the name

copy_node_attrs: Copy a node attribute column and set the name

create_complement_graph: Create a complement of a graph

create_edge_df: Create an edge data frame

create_graph: Create a graph object

create_node_df: Create a node data frame

create_random_graph: Create a randomized graph

create_series: Create a graph series object

create_subgraph_ws: Create a subgraph based on a selection of nodes or edges

delete_edge: Delete an edge from an existing graph object

delete_edges_ws: Delete all selected edges in an edge selection

delete_global_graph_attrs: Delete one of the global graph attributes stored within a...

delete_node: Delete a node from an existing graph object

delete_nodes_ws: Delete all selected nodes in a node selection

DiagrammeR: R + mermaid.js

DiagrammeROutput: Widget output function for use in Shiny

do_bfs: Perform the breadth-first search (bfs) algorithm

do_dfs: Perform the depth-first search (dfs) algorithm

drop_edge_attrs: Drop an edge attribute column

drop_node_attrs: Drop a node attribute column

edge_count: Get count of all edges or edges with distinct relationship...

edge_info: Get detailed information on edges

edge_present: Determine whether a specified edge is present in an existing...

edge_rel: Create, read, update, delete, or report status of an edge...

export_csv: Export a graph to CSV files

export_graph: Export a graph to various file formats

from_adj_matrix: Create a graph using an adjacency matrix

from_igraph: Convert an igraph graph to a DiagrammeR one

generate_dot: Generate DOT code using a graph object

get_all_connected_nodes: Get all nodes connected to a specified node

get_articulation_points: Get articulation points

get_betweenness: Get betweenness centrality scores

get_bridging: Get bridging scores

get_cache: Get a cached vector from a graph object

get_closeness: Get closeness centrality values

get_cmty_edge_btwns: Get community membership by edge betweenness

get_cmty_fast_greedy: Get community membership by modularity optimization

get_cmty_l_eigenvec: Get community membership by leading eigenvector

get_cmty_louvain: Get community membership by Louvain optimization

get_cmty_walktrap: Get community membership using the Walktrap method

get_common_nbrs: Get all common neighbors between two or more nodes

get_constraint: Get constraint scores for one or more graph nodes

get_degree_distribution: Get degree distribution data for a graph

get_degree_histogram: Get histogram data for a graph's degree frequency

get_dice_similarity: Get Dice similarity coefficient scores

get_eccentricity: Get node eccentricities

get_edge_attrs: Get edge attribute values

get_edge_df: Get an edge data frame from a graph

get_edge_ids: Get a vector of edge ID values

get_edges: Get node IDs associated with edges

get_global_graph_attrs: Get global graph attributes

get_graph_diameter: Get the graph diameter

get_graph_from_series: Get a graph available in a series

get_graph_name: Get graph name

get_graph_time: Get the graph date-time or timezone

get_jaccard_similarity: Get Jaccard similarity coefficient scores

get_min_spanning_tree: Get a minimum spanning tree subgraph

get_nbrs: Get all neighbors of one or more nodes

get_node_attrs: Get node attribute values

get_node_df: Get a node data frame from a graph

get_node_ids: Get a vector of node ID values

get_non_nbrs: Get non-neighbors of a node in a graph

get_paths: Get paths from a specified node in a directed graph

get_periphery: Get nodes that form the graph periphery

get_predecessors: Get node IDs for predecessor nodes to the specified node

get_s_connected_cmpts: Get nodes within strongly connected components

get_selection: Get the current selection available in a graph object

get_similar_nbrs: Get neighboring nodes based on node attribute similarity

get_successors: Get node IDs for successor nodes to the specified node

get_w_connected_cmpts: Get all nodes associated with connected components

graph_count: Count graphs in a graph series object

graph_info: Get metrics for a graph

grViz: R + viz.js

grVizOutput: Widget output function for use in Shiny

image_icon: Icons and their download locations

import_graph: Import a graph from various graph formats

invert_selection: Invert selection of nodes or edges in a graph

is_graph_connected: Is the graph a connected graph?

is_graph_directed: Is the graph a directed graph?

is_graph_empty: Is the graph empty?

join_edge_attrs: Join new edge attribute values using a data frame

join_node_attrs: Join new node attribute values using a data frame

layout_nodes_w_string: Layout nodes using a text-based schematic

mermaid: R + mermaid.js

mk_cond: Helper for making conditions for some functions

mutate_edge_attrs: Mutate a set of edge attribute values

mutate_node_attrs: Mutate a set of node attribute values

node_count: Get count of all nodes or certain types of nodes

node_info: Get detailed information on nodes

node_present: Determine whether a specified node is present in an existing...

node_type: Create, read, update, delete, or report status of a node type...

nudge_node_positions_ws: Move layout positions of a selection of nodes

pipe: The magrittr pipe

recode_edge_attrs: Recode a set of edge attribute values

recode_node_attrs: Recode a set of node attribute values

remove_from_series: Remove a graph from a graph series

rename_edge_attrs: Rename an edge attribute

rename_node_attrs: Rename a node attribute

renderDiagrammeR: Widget render function for use in Shiny

render_graph: Render the graph in various formats

render_graph_from_series: Render a graph available in a series

renderGrViz: Widget render function for use in Shiny

replace_in_spec: Razor-like template for diagram specification

rescale_edge_attrs: Rescale numeric edge attribute values

rescale_node_attrs: Rescale numeric node attribute values

rev_edge_dir: Reverse the direction of all edges in a graph

rev_edge_dir_ws: Reverse the direction of selected edges in a graph

select_edges: Select edges in a graph

select_edges_by_edge_id: Select edges in a graph using edge ID values

select_edges_by_node_id: Select edges in a graph using node ID values

select_last_edge: Select last edge in a series of edges defined in a graph

select_last_node: Select last node in a series of node IDs in a graph

select_nodes: Select nodes in a graph

select_nodes_by_degree: Select nodes in the graph based on their degree values

select_nodes_by_id: Select nodes in a graph by ID values

select_nodes_in_neighborhood: Select nodes based on a walk distance from a specified node

select_rev_edges_ws: Select any reverse edges from a selection of edges

series_info: Get information on a graph series

set_cache: Cache a vector in the graph

set_edge_attrs: Set edge attributes

set_edge_attrs_ws: Set edge attributes with an edge selection

set_global_graph_attrs: Set global graph attributes

set_graph_name: Set graph name

set_graph_time: Set graph date-time and timezone

set_graph_undirected: Convert graph to an undirected graph

set_node_attrs: Set node attributes

set_node_attrs_ws: Set node attributes with a node selection

set_node_attr_to_display: Set the node attribute values to be rendered

set_node_position: Apply a layout position to a single node

subset_series: Subset a graph series object

to_igraph: Convert a DiagrammeR graph to an igraph one

trav_both: Traverse from one or more selected nodes onto neighboring...

trav_both_edge: Traverse from one or more selected nodes onto adjacent edges

trav_in: Traverse from one or more selected nodes onto adjacent,...

trav_in_edge: Traverse from one or more selected nodes onto adjacent,...

trav_in_node: Traverse from one or more selected edges onto adjacent,...

trav_out: Traverse from one or more selected nodes onto adjacent,...

trav_out_edge: Traverse from one or more selected nodes onto adjacent,...

trav_out_node: Traverse from one or more selected edges onto adjacent,...

trigger_script: Trigger a script embedded in a graph series object

visnetwork: Render graph with visNetwork

vivagraph: Render graph with VivaGraphJS

x11_hex: X11 colors and hexadecimal color values


\%>\% Man page
add_balanced_tree Man page
add_cycle Man page
add_edge Man page
add_edge_df Man page
add_edges_from_table Man page
add_edges_w_string Man page
add_full_graph Man page
add_global_graph_attrs Man page
add_n_nodes Man page
add_n_nodes_ws Man page
add_node Man page
add_node_df Man page
add_nodes_from_df_cols Man page
add_nodes_from_table Man page
add_path Man page
add_prism Man page
add_star Man page
add_to_series Man page
cache_edge_attrs Man page
cache_edge_attrs_ws Man page
cache_edge_count_ws Man page
cache_node_attrs Man page
cache_node_attrs_ws Man page
cache_node_count_ws Man page
clear_global_graph_attrs Man page
clear_selection Man page
colorize_edge_attrs Man page
colorize_node_attrs Man page
combine_edfs Man page
combine_graphs Man page
combine_ndfs Man page
copy_edge_attrs Man page
copy_node_attrs Man page
create_complement_graph Man page
create_edge_df Man page
create_graph Man page
create_node_df Man page
create_random_graph Man page
create_series Man page
create_subgraph_ws Man page
delete_edge Man page
delete_edges_ws Man page
delete_global_graph_attrs Man page
delete_node Man page
delete_nodes_ws Man page
DiagrammeR Man page
DiagrammeROutput Man page
do_bfs Man page
do_dfs Man page
drop_edge_attrs Man page
drop_node_attrs Man page
edge_count Man page
edge_info Man page
edge_present Man page
edge_rel Man page
export_csv Man page
export_graph Man page
from_adj_matrix Man page
from_igraph Man page
generate_dot Man page
get_all_connected_nodes Man page
get_articulation_points Man page
get_betweenness Man page
get_bridging Man page
get_cache Man page
get_closeness Man page
get_cmty_edge_btwns Man page
get_cmty_fast_greedy Man page
get_cmty_l_eigenvec Man page
get_cmty_louvain Man page
get_cmty_walktrap Man page
get_common_nbrs Man page
get_constraint Man page
get_degree_distribution Man page
get_degree_histogram Man page
get_dice_similarity Man page
get_eccentricity Man page
get_edge_attrs Man page
get_edge_df Man page
get_edge_ids Man page
get_edges Man page
get_global_graph_attrs Man page
get_graph_diameter Man page
get_graph_from_series Man page
get_graph_name Man page
get_graph_time Man page
get_jaccard_similarity Man page
get_min_spanning_tree Man page
get_nbrs Man page
get_node_attrs Man page
get_node_df Man page
get_node_ids Man page
get_non_nbrs Man page
get_paths Man page
get_periphery Man page
get_predecessors Man page
get_s_connected_cmpts Man page
get_selection Man page
get_similar_nbrs Man page
get_successors Man page
get_w_connected_cmpts Man page
graph_count Man page
graph_info Man page
grViz Man page
grVizOutput Man page
image_icon Man page
import_graph Man page
invert_selection Man page
is_graph_connected Man page
is_graph_directed Man page
is_graph_empty Man page
join_edge_attrs Man page
join_node_attrs Man page
layout_nodes_w_string Man page
mermaid Man page
mk_cond Man page
mutate_edge_attrs Man page
mutate_node_attrs Man page
node_count Man page
node_info Man page
node_present Man page
node_type Man page
nudge_node_positions_ws Man page
recode_edge_attrs Man page
recode_node_attrs Man page
remove_from_series Man page
rename_edge_attrs Man page
rename_node_attrs Man page
renderDiagrammeR Man page
render_graph Man page
render_graph_from_series Man page
renderGrViz Man page
replace_in_spec Man page
rescale_edge_attrs Man page
rescale_node_attrs Man page
rev_edge_dir Man page
rev_edge_dir_ws Man page
select_edges Man page
select_edges_by_edge_id Man page
select_edges_by_node_id Man page
select_last_edge Man page
select_last_node Man page
select_nodes Man page
select_nodes_by_degree Man page
select_nodes_by_id Man page
select_nodes_in_neighborhood Man page
select_rev_edges_ws Man page
series_info Man page
set_cache Man page
set_edge_attrs Man page
set_edge_attrs_ws Man page
set_global_graph_attrs Man page
set_graph_name Man page
set_graph_time Man page
set_graph_undirected Man page
set_node_attrs Man page
set_node_attrs_ws Man page
set_node_attr_to_display Man page
set_node_position Man page
subset_series Man page
to_igraph Man page
trav_both Man page
trav_both_edge Man page
trav_in Man page
trav_in_edge Man page
trav_in_node Man page
trav_out Man page
trav_out_edge Man page
trav_out_node Man page
trigger_script Man page
visnetwork Man page
vivagraph Man page
x11_hex Man page


tests/testthat/test-combine_graphs.R tests/testthat/test-copy_drop_mutate_recode_attrs.R tests/testthat/test-predecessors_successors.R tests/testthat/test-traversals.R tests/testthat/test-node_edge_count.R tests/testthat/test-edge_present.R tests/testthat/test-similarity_measures.R tests/testthat/test_htmlwidgets.R tests/testthat/test-create_random_graph.R tests/testthat/test-series_info.R tests/testthat/test-add_graphs.R tests/testthat/test-create_subgraph.R tests/testthat/test-create_combine_edges.R tests/testthat/test-import_graph.R tests/testthat/test-create_combine_nodes.R tests/testthat/test-x11_hex.R tests/testthat/test-get_cmty.R tests/testthat/test-node_edge_info.R tests/testthat/test-selections.R tests/testthat/test-mst.R tests/testthat/test-get_graph_metrics.R tests/testthat/test-graph_series.R tests/testthat/test-join_attrs.R tests/testthat/test-rescale_node_edge_attrs.R tests/testthat/test-add_node_edge_df.R tests/testthat/test-datatable_compatability.R tests/testthat/test-create_graph.R tests/testthat/test-spectools.R tests/testthat/test-node_type.R tests/testthat/test-dfs_bfs.R tests/testthat/test-get_node_calculations.R tests/testthat/test-traversals_copying_attr_vals.R tests/testthat/test-colorize_nodes_edges.R tests/testthat/test-add_node_edge.R tests/testthat/test-set_get_graph_attrs.R tests/testthat/test-node_present.R tests/testthat/test-render_graph_series.R tests/testthat/test-image_icon.R tests/testthat/test-set_node_positions.R tests/testthat/test-neighbors.R tests/testthat/test-set_node_attr_to_display.R tests/testthat/test-graph_validation.R tests/testthat/test-delete_node_edge.R tests/testthat/test-edge_relationship.R tests/testthat/test-get_paths.R tests/testthat/test-cache_attrs.R tests/testthat/test-set_get_node_edge_attrs.R tests/testthat/test-add_nodes_edges_from_table.R tests/testthat/test-get_nodes_edges.R tests/testthat/test-transform_graph.R
R/cache_node_count_ws.R R/trav_both_edge.R R/get_degree_distribution.R R/get_cmty_louvain.R R/edge_count.R R/is_graph_directed.R R/add_to_series.R R/trav_in_node.R R/select_edges.R R/edge_rel.R R/utils.R R/get_non_nbrs.R R/add_cycle.R R/cache_edge_count_ws.R R/delete_global_graph_attrs.R R/spectools.R R/add_balanced_tree.R R/delete_edge.R R/get_jaccard_similarity.R R/get_eccentricity.R R/get_paths.R R/clear_global_graph_attrs.R R/get_edge_df.R R/do_dfs.R R/cache_node_attrs.R R/invert_selection.R R/nudge_node_positions_ws.R R/cache_edge_attrs.R R/add_prism.R R/is_graph_connected.R R/recode_edge_attrs.R R/set_graph_name.R R/recode_node_attrs.R R/trav_both.R R/combine_graphs.R R/add_full_graph.R R/select_last_node.R R/join_node_attrs.R R/rename_node_attrs.R R/create_edge_df.R R/get_node_attrs.R R/select_edges_by_edge_id.R R/remove_from_series.R R/get_cache.R R/subset_series.R R/set_graph_time.R R/node_present.R R/get_similar_nbrs.R R/node_info.R R/cache_edge_attrs_ws.R R/get_cmty_edge_btwns.R R/pipe.R R/set_node_position.R R/copy_node_attrs.R R/get_constraint.R R/mutate_edge_attrs.R R/combine_edfs.R R/series_info.R R/graph_info.R R/mutate_node_attrs.R R/render_graph_from_series.R R/set_node_attr_to_display.R R/set_edge_attrs_ws.R R/delete_nodes_ws.R R/node_type.R R/get_graph_name.R R/set_edge_attrs.R R/rev_edge_dir_ws.R R/get_graph_from_series.R R/add_edges_from_table.R R/create_series.R R/add_path.R R/graph_count.R R/create_subgraph_ws.R R/get_node_ids.R R/get_nbrs.R R/select_nodes_by_id.R R/import_graph.R R/select_rev_edges_ws.R R/edge_present.R R/get_graph_time.R R/combine_ndfs.R R/copy_edge_attrs.R R/create_node_df.R R/add_global_graph_attrs.R R/drop_edge_attrs.R R/delete_edges_ws.R R/add_n_nodes.R R/visnetwork.R R/add_node.R R/image_icon.R R/render_graph.R R/get_node_df.R R/add_edge.R R/mermaid.R R/node_count.R R/to_igraph.R R/get_min_spanning_tree.R R/get_predecessors.R R/vivagraph.R R/get_articulation_points.R R/set_graph_undirected.R R/get_global_graph_attrs.R R/select_nodes_by_degree.R R/get_all_connected_nodes.R R/trav_out.R R/select_nodes.R R/set_cache.R R/export_graph.R R/set_node_attrs_ws.R R/drop_node_attrs.R R/add_edge_df.R R/get_dice_similarity.R R/create_graph.R R/edge_info.R R/clear_selection.R R/get_s_connected_cmpts.R R/export_csv.R R/get_common_nbrs.R R/delete_node.R R/mk_cond.R R/set_global_graph_attrs.R R/grViz.R R/get_betweenness.R R/get_w_connected_cmpts.R R/colorize_edge_attrs.R R/trav_in_edge.R R/rescale_node_attrs.R R/join_edge_attrs.R R/get_cmty_fast_greedy.R R/get_edge_attrs.R R/add_nodes_from_df_cols.R R/create_random_graph.R R/DiagrammeR.R R/is_graph_empty.R R/generate_dot.R R/add_star.R R/layout_nodes_w_string.R R/select_nodes_in_neighborhood.R R/get_edges.R R/colorize_node_attrs.R R/get_edge_ids.R R/trigger_script.R R/x11_hex.R R/rev_edge_dir.R R/from_igraph.R R/add_nodes_from_table.R R/trav_in.R R/get_cmty_walktrap.R R/trav_out_edge.R R/add_node_df.R R/select_edges_by_node_id.R R/create_complement_graph.R R/get_periphery.R R/from_adj_matrix.R R/trav_out_node.R R/get_selection.R R/get_degree_histogram.R R/get_successors.R R/get_closeness.R R/get_cmty_l_eigenvec.R R/add_n_nodes_ws.R R/do_bfs.R R/set_node_attrs.R R/rename_edge_attrs.R R/get_graph_diameter.R R/rescale_edge_attrs.R R/get_bridging.R R/add_edges_w_string.R R/cache_node_attrs_ws.R R/select_last_edge.R
man/add_nodes_from_table.Rd man/get_dice_similarity.Rd man/set_graph_undirected.Rd man/series_info.Rd man/add_nodes_from_df_cols.Rd man/set_graph_name.Rd man/get_articulation_points.Rd man/get_non_nbrs.Rd man/pipe.Rd man/DiagrammeROutput.Rd man/cache_node_count_ws.Rd man/graph_count.Rd man/combine_edfs.Rd man/create_edge_df.Rd man/recode_node_attrs.Rd man/colorize_node_attrs.Rd man/get_graph_from_series.Rd man/node_present.Rd man/do_bfs.Rd man/add_n_nodes.Rd man/get_predecessors.Rd man/get_constraint.Rd man/get_edge_ids.Rd man/export_graph.Rd man/create_graph.Rd man/set_node_position.Rd man/get_global_graph_attrs.Rd man/cache_node_attrs.Rd man/copy_node_attrs.Rd man/cache_edge_attrs_ws.Rd man/mermaid.Rd man/import_graph.Rd man/get_edges.Rd man/create_subgraph_ws.Rd man/get_selection.Rd man/get_edge_df.Rd man/select_edges_by_edge_id.Rd man/create_series.Rd man/get_node_attrs.Rd man/add_path.Rd man/trav_out_edge.Rd man/get_cmty_edge_btwns.Rd man/mutate_edge_attrs.Rd man/set_global_graph_attrs.Rd man/get_min_spanning_tree.Rd man/delete_nodes_ws.Rd man/get_similar_nbrs.Rd man/mk_cond.Rd man/clear_selection.Rd man/invert_selection.Rd man/create_complement_graph.Rd man/rescale_node_attrs.Rd man/node_type.Rd man/nudge_node_positions_ws.Rd man/add_edge.Rd man/render_graph_from_series.Rd man/set_edge_attrs.Rd man/trav_both_edge.Rd man/get_w_connected_cmpts.Rd man/x11_hex.Rd man/delete_edge.Rd man/set_edge_attrs_ws.Rd man/delete_global_graph_attrs.Rd man/get_cmty_louvain.Rd man/colorize_edge_attrs.Rd man/add_node.Rd man/trav_in_node.Rd man/get_bridging.Rd man/add_star.Rd man/get_edge_attrs.Rd man/delete_edges_ws.Rd man/from_igraph.Rd man/cache_edge_count_ws.Rd man/select_rev_edges_ws.Rd man/is_graph_directed.Rd man/generate_dot.Rd man/join_node_attrs.Rd man/get_nbrs.Rd man/drop_node_attrs.Rd man/do_dfs.Rd man/delete_node.Rd man/get_node_df.Rd man/add_prism.Rd man/add_edges_w_string.Rd man/DiagrammeR.Rd man/subset_series.Rd man/edge_count.Rd man/create_node_df.Rd man/edge_info.Rd man/select_nodes.Rd man/trav_in_edge.Rd man/renderDiagrammeR.Rd man/trav_both.Rd man/trigger_script.Rd man/get_paths.Rd man/get_cmty_l_eigenvec.Rd man/add_n_nodes_ws.Rd man/node_count.Rd man/rename_edge_attrs.Rd man/get_jaccard_similarity.Rd man/drop_edge_attrs.Rd man/rescale_edge_attrs.Rd man/cache_edge_attrs.Rd man/add_full_graph.Rd man/get_common_nbrs.Rd man/get_node_ids.Rd man/combine_ndfs.Rd man/select_edges.Rd man/export_csv.Rd man/get_periphery.Rd man/add_edge_df.Rd man/get_graph_time.Rd man/image_icon.Rd man/edge_rel.Rd man/get_degree_histogram.Rd man/edge_present.Rd man/to_igraph.Rd man/grViz.Rd man/select_nodes_in_neighborhood.Rd man/get_closeness.Rd man/trav_out.Rd man/set_node_attr_to_display.Rd man/mutate_node_attrs.Rd man/trav_in.Rd man/get_eccentricity.Rd man/clear_global_graph_attrs.Rd man/recode_edge_attrs.Rd man/select_last_edge.Rd man/grVizOutput.Rd man/create_random_graph.Rd man/renderGrViz.Rd man/select_last_node.Rd man/set_node_attrs.Rd man/select_nodes_by_degree.Rd man/is_graph_connected.Rd man/rev_edge_dir.Rd man/graph_info.Rd man/get_graph_name.Rd man/layout_nodes_w_string.Rd man/get_all_connected_nodes.Rd man/trav_out_node.Rd man/set_node_attrs_ws.Rd man/join_edge_attrs.Rd man/from_adj_matrix.Rd man/get_cmty_walktrap.Rd man/get_degree_distribution.Rd man/get_graph_diameter.Rd man/render_graph.Rd man/is_graph_empty.Rd man/select_edges_by_node_id.Rd man/replace_in_spec.Rd man/add_to_series.Rd man/rename_node_attrs.Rd man/select_nodes_by_id.Rd man/set_cache.Rd man/add_cycle.Rd man/cache_node_attrs_ws.Rd man/add_global_graph_attrs.Rd man/visnetwork.Rd man/set_graph_time.Rd man/add_node_df.Rd man/get_cmty_fast_greedy.Rd man/get_cache.Rd man/vivagraph.Rd man/remove_from_series.Rd man/get_betweenness.Rd man/get_successors.Rd man/add_edges_from_table.Rd man/rev_edge_dir_ws.Rd man/node_info.Rd man/get_s_connected_cmpts.Rd man/combine_graphs.Rd man/add_balanced_tree.Rd man/copy_edge_attrs.Rd

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