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Add new edges with identical definitions as with a selection of edges


Add edges in the same direction of one or more edges available as an edge selection in a graph object of class dgr_graph. New graph edges have the same edge definitions as those in the selection except with new edge ID values. There is also the option to assign a common rel grouping to the newly created edges. Upon addition of the edges, the edge selection will be retained for further selection or traversal operations.


add_forward_edges_ws(graph, rel = NULL)



A graph object of class dgr_graph.


An optional string to apply a rel attribute to all newly created edges.


This function makes use of an active selection of edges (and the function ending with _ws hints at this).

Selections of edges can be performed using the following selection (select_*()) functions: select_edges(), select_last_edges_created(), select_edges_by_edge_id(), or select_edges_by_node_id().

Selections of edges can also be performed using the following traversal (trav_*()) functions: trav_out_edge(), trav_in_edge(), trav_both_edge(), or trav_reverse_edge().


A graph object of class dgr_graph.

See Also

Other Edge creation and removal: add_edge_clone(), add_edge_df(), add_edges_from_table(), add_edges_w_string(), add_edge(), add_reverse_edges_ws(), copy_edge_attrs(), create_edge_df(), delete_edges_ws(), delete_edge(), delete_loop_edges_ws(), drop_edge_attrs(), edge_data(), join_edge_attrs(), mutate_edge_attrs_ws(), mutate_edge_attrs(), recode_edge_attrs(), rename_edge_attrs(), rescale_edge_attrs(), rev_edge_dir_ws(), rev_edge_dir(), set_edge_attr_to_display(), set_edge_attrs_ws(), set_edge_attrs()


# Create an empty graph, add 2 nodes
# to it, and create the edge `1->2`
graph <-
  create_graph() %>%
    n = 2,
    type = "type_a",
    label = c("a_1", "a_2")) %>%
    from = 1, to = 2, rel = "a")

# Get the graph's edges
graph %>% get_edge_ids()

# Select the edge and create 2
# additional edges with the same
# definition (`1->2`) but with
# different `rel` values (`b` and `c`)
graph <-
  graph %>%
  select_edges() %>%
  add_forward_edges_ws(rel = "b") %>%
  add_forward_edges_ws(rel = "c") %>%

# Get the graph's edge data frame
graph %>% get_edge_df()

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