DistatisR: DiSTATIS Three Way Metric Multidimensional Scaling

Implement DiSTATIS and CovSTATIS (three-way multidimensional scaling). For the analysis of multiple distance/covariance matrices collected on the same set of observations

AuthorDerek Beaton [aut, com, ctb], Cherise Chin Fatt [ctb], Herve Abdi [aut, cre]
Date of publication2013-07-11 07:24:31
MaintainerDerek Beaton <exposition.software@gmail.com>

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BootFactorScores Man page
BootFactorScores Man page
BootFromCompromise Man page
Chi2Dist Man page
Chi2DistanceFromSort Man page
covstatis Man page
CovSTATIS Man page
DistAlgo Man page
DistanceFromSort Man page
distatis Man page
distatis Man page
distatis Man page
DiSTATIS Man page
DistatisR Man page
DiSTATISR Man page
DistatisR-package Man page
GraphDistatisAll Man page
GraphDistatisBoot Man page
GraphDistatisCompromise Man page
GraphDistatisPartial Man page
GraphDistatisRv Man page
mmds Man page
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SortingBeer Man page
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