DistAlgo: Four computer algorithms evaluate the similarity of six faces...

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Four computer algorithms evaluate the similarity of six faces for distatis analysis


Provide the data.frame DistAlgo Data set to be used to illustrated the use of the package DistatisR. Four algorithms evaluate the similarity (i.e., distance) between six faces (3 females and 3 males). Each algorithm provides a 6*6 distance matrix evaluating the distance between each pair of faces.


an 6*6*4 array. Each 6*6 matrix is a distance matrix


Herve Abdi


Abdi et al. (2005). https://personal.utdallas.edu/~herve/


Abdi, H., Valentin, D., O'Toole, A.J., & Edelman, B. (2005). DISTATIS: The analysis of multiple distance matrices. Proceedings of the IEEE Computer Society: International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. (San Diego, CA, USA). pp. 42–47.

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