Man pages for ELISAtools
ELISA Data Analysis with Batch Correction

annotate.plateS3 method to annotate ELISA plate
avoidZeroGet rid of zeros in a numeric vector
combineDataCombine elisa_batch data
elisa_batchConstructor function to build an elisa_batch object
elisa_batch-classS4 class definition of an elisa_batch object
elisa_plateConstructor function to build an elisa_plate object
elisa_plate-classS4 class definition of an elisa_plate object
elisa_runConstructor function to build an elisa_run object
elisa_run-classS4 class definition of an elisa_run object
ELISAtools-packageELISA data analysis with batch correction
f5plThe five-parameter logistic function
inv.f5plThe inverse of the 5-parameter logistic function
loadDataRead data according to the design file
loadDBRead the saved elisa_batch data
load.ODsFunction to load OD data
plotAlignDataPlot all batch data together
plotBatchDataPlot ELISA data for one batch
predictAllPredict the concentration of samples based on fitting
prepareInitsLMPrepare initial values for fitting shifts
prepareRegInputPrepare the input for regressoin
rangeODGet the OD ranges (min/max)
read.annotationRead the annotation of single ELISA plate
read.annotationsRead the annotations of plates
read.plateRead the single ELISA OD plate
read.platesRead the ELISA OD files
reportHtmlReport ELISA data in HTML format.
runFitFit 5- or 4-parameter logistic function
saveDataTextSave elisa_batch analysis results
saveDBSave the elisa_batch data
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