# read in the example data (generated, not real student data)
sdf <- readNAEP(system.file("extdata/data", "M36NT2PM.dat", package="NAEPprimer"))

# create a table with composite scores by dsex and b017451
est1 <- edsurveyTable(composite ~ dsex + b017451, sdf)

# create a table with csv output
edsurveyTable2pdf(data = est1, 
                  formula = b017451~dsex, 
                  toCSV = "C:/example table.csv",
                  filename = "C:/example table.pdf",
                  returnMeans = FALSE)

# create a pdf file using the default subject scale or subscale
# and keep two digits for estimates and three digits for SE after decimal point
edsurveyTable2pdf(est1, b017451~dsex, 
                  returnMeans = TRUE, estDigits = 2, seDigits = 3)

# create a pdf file using the percentage of students at the 
# aggregation level specified by \code{pctAggregationLevel}
# Output will be saved as "C:/example table.pdf"
                  "C:/example table.pdf",
                  returnMeans = FALSE)

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