Man pages for EloRating
Animal Dominance Hierarchies by Elo Rating

advDominance sequence from Albers and de Vries (2001)
bonobosDominance matrix from de Vries et al. 2006
creatematrixcreate a dominance matrix
DScalculate David's scores
eloplotElo rating plotting
EloRating-packageElo Rating
elo.seqCalculate Elo ratings
e.singlecalculate Elo ratings for a single interaction
extract.eloextract Elo ratings from elo object
individualsindividuals present in the group
lastdaypresentlast day an individual was present
print.eloprints its argument
print.sequencecheckprints its argument
prunkunknown relationships
randomelocalculate Elo ratings from an interaction matrix
randomeloextractextract ratings from random sequences based on an interaction...
randomsequencecreate a random dominance sequence
scale.elostandardize Elo ratings
seqcheckruns raw data diagnostics for Elo rating
stab.elocalculate stability index _S_
summary.elosummarize elo object
traj.elocalculate dominance trajectory
winprobcalculate expected probability of winning
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