print.ebsamplesize: Print Method for EpiBayes Sample Size Object

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This function prints the output of objects of class ebsamplesize from the method EpiBayesSampleSize in a nice form.


## S3 method for class 'ebsamplesize'
print(x, out.ptilde = c("p2.tilde", "p4.tilde",
  "p6.tilde"), ...)



An object of class ebsamplesize (e.g., the output of function EpiBayesSampleSize).


Indicators for the desired output of the printing. Can be one or any output is desired, supply a character vector of length 1, if 2 are desired, supply a character vector of length 2, and 3 for 3. Character vector.


Additional arguments to be passed on to print.


The summary statistics are returned in a matrix with rows indexed by time period and columns indexed by subzone. The body of the matrix is filled with the summary statistics requested for by the argument sumstat.

See Also

This is a method for objects of class ebhistoricalsummary returned by the method summary.ebhistorical, which creates its own class of object much like the summary method for lm objects. There is an additional plot method that will plot the summary output called plot.ebhistoricalsummary.

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