GDAtools: A Toolbox for the Analysis of Categorical Data in Social Sciences, and Especially Geometric Data Analysis

Contains functions for 'specific' MCA (Multiple Correspondence Analysis), 'class specific' MCA, computing and plotting structuring factors and concentration ellipses, Multiple Factor Analysis, 'standardized' MCA, inductive tests and others tools for Geometric Data Analysis. It also provides functions for the translation of logit models coefficients into percentages, weighted contingency tables and an association measure - i.e. Percentages of Maximum Deviation from Independence (PEM).

AuthorNicolas Robette
Date of publication2017-03-07 14:46:04
MaintainerNicolas Robette <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

burt: Computes a Burt table

conc.ellipse: Adds concentration ellipses to a correspondence analysis...

contrib: Computes contributions for a correspondence analysis

csMCA: Performs a 'class specific' MCA

dichotom: Dichotomizes the variables in a data frame

dimcontrib: Describes the contributions to axes for MCA and variants of...

dimdesc.MCA: Describes the dimensions of MCA and variants of MCA

dimeta2: Describes the eta2 of a list of supplementary variables for...

dimvtest: Describes the test-values of a list of supplementary...

getindexcat: Returns the names of the categories in a data frame

homog.test: Computes a homogeneity test for a categorical supplementary...

indsup: Computes statistics for supplementary individuals

medoids: Computes the medoids of clusters

modif.rate: Computes the modified rates of variance of a correspondence...

multiMCA: Performs Multiple Factor Analysis

Music: Music (data)

pem: Computes the local and global Percentages of Maximum...

plot.csMCA: Plots 'class specific' MCA results

plot.multiMCA: Plots Multiple Factor Analysis

plot.speMCA: Plots 'specific' MCA results

plot.stMCA: Plots 'standardized' MCA results

prop.wtable: Transforms a (possibly weighted) contingency table into...

speMCA: Performs a 'specific' MCA

stMCA: Performs a 'standardized' MCA

tabcontrib: Displays the categories contributing most to axes for MCA and...

Taste: Taste (data)

textindsup: Adds supplementary individuals to a MCA graph

textvarsup: Adds a categorical supplementary variable to a MCA graph

translate.logit: Translate logit regression coefficients into percentages

varsup: Computes statistics for a categorical supplementary variable

wtable: Computes a (possibly weighted) contingency table


burt Man page
conc.ellipse Man page
contrib Man page
csMCA Man page
dichotom Man page
dimcontrib Man page
dimdesc.MCA Man page
dimeta2 Man page
dimvtest Man page
getindexcat Man page
homog.test Man page
indsup Man page
medoids Man page
modif.rate Man page
multiMCA Man page
Music Man page
pem Man page
plot.csMCA Man page
plot.multiMCA Man page
plot.speMCA Man page
plot.stMCA Man page
prop.wtable Man page
speMCA Man page
stMCA Man page
tabcontrib Man page
Taste Man page
textindsup Man page
textvarsup Man page
translate.logit Man page
varsup Man page
wtable Man page


GDAtools/R/plot.speMCA.R GDAtools/R/stMCA.R GDAtools/R/modif.rate.R GDAtools/R/indsup.R GDAtools/R/plot.multiMCA.R GDAtools/R/contrib.R GDAtools/R/homog.test.R GDAtools/R/speMCA.R GDAtools/R/varsup.R GDAtools/R/wtable.R GDAtools/R/tabcontrib.R GDAtools/R/dimdesc.MCA.R GDAtools/R/plot.csMCA.R GDAtools/R/dimeta2.R GDAtools/R/csMCA.R GDAtools/R/getindexcat.R GDAtools/R/GDAtools-internal.R GDAtools/R/prop.wtable.R GDAtools/R/dimvtest.R GDAtools/R/multiMCA.R GDAtools/R/burt.R GDAtools/R/plot.stMCA.R GDAtools/R/medoids.R GDAtools/R/dimcontrib.R GDAtools/R/dichotom.R GDAtools/R/textvarsup.R GDAtools/R/conc.ellipse.R GDAtools/R/textindsup.R GDAtools/R/translate.logit.R GDAtools/R/pem.R
GDAtools/man/indsup.Rd GDAtools/man/dichotom.Rd GDAtools/man/plot.csMCA.Rd GDAtools/man/dimvtest.Rd GDAtools/man/conc.ellipse.Rd GDAtools/man/Music.Rd GDAtools/man/homog.test.Rd GDAtools/man/getindexcat.Rd GDAtools/man/wtable.Rd GDAtools/man/pem.Rd GDAtools/man/plot.stMCA.Rd GDAtools/man/multiMCA.Rd GDAtools/man/tabcontrib.Rd GDAtools/man/plot.speMCA.Rd GDAtools/man/plot.multiMCA.Rd GDAtools/man/medoids.Rd GDAtools/man/modif.rate.Rd GDAtools/man/speMCA.Rd GDAtools/man/stMCA.Rd GDAtools/man/prop.wtable.Rd GDAtools/man/burt.Rd GDAtools/man/dimeta2.Rd GDAtools/man/textvarsup.Rd GDAtools/man/textindsup.Rd GDAtools/man/varsup.Rd GDAtools/man/csMCA.Rd GDAtools/man/Taste.Rd GDAtools/man/dimdesc.MCA.Rd GDAtools/man/dimcontrib.Rd GDAtools/man/translate.logit.Rd GDAtools/man/contrib.Rd

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