Man pages for GDAtools
Geometric Data Analysis

ahc.plotsPlots for Ascending Hierarchical Clustering
angles.csaCosine similarities and angles between CSA and MCA
bcMCABetween-class MCA
bcPCABetween-class Principal Component Analysis
bootvalid_supvarsBootstrap validation (supplementary variables)
bootvalid_variablesBootstrap validation (active variables)
burtBurt table
coiMCACoinertia analysis between two groups of categorical...
coiPCACoinertia analysis between two groups of numerical variables
conc.ellipseConcentration ellipses
contribContributions of active variables
csMCAClass Specific Analysis
DADiscriminant Analysis
DAQDiscriminant Analysis of Qualitative Variables
deprecatedDeprecated functions
dichotomDichotomizes the variables in a data frame
dimcontribDescription of the contributions to axes
dimdescrDescription of the dimensions
dimeta2Correlation ratios (aka eta-squared) of supplementary...
dimtypicalityTypicality tests for supplementary variables
dist.chi2Chi-squared distance
flip.mcaFlips the coordinates
getindexcatNames of the categories in a data frame
ggadd_attractionsPlot of attractions between categories
ggadd_chullsConvex hulls for a categorical supplementary variable
ggadd_corrHeatmap of under/over-representation of a supplementary...
ggadd_densityDensity plot of a supplementary variable
ggadd_ellipsesConfidence ellipses
ggadd_interactionPlot of interactions between two categorical supplementary...
ggadd_kellipsesConcentration ellipses and k-inertia ellipses
ggadd_supindPlot of supplementary individuals
ggadd_supvarPlot of a categorical supplementary variable
ggadd_supvarsPlot of categorical supplementary variables
ggaxis_variablesPlot of variables on a single axis
ggbootvalid_supvarsEllipses of bootstrap validation (supplementary variables)
ggbootvalid_variablesEllipses of bootstrap validation (active variables)
ggcloud_indivPlot of the cloud of individuals
ggcloud_variablesPlot of the cloud of variables
ggeta2_variableseta-squared plot
ggsmoothed_supvarPlots the density a supplementary variable
gPCAGeneralized Principal Component Analysis
homog.testHomogeneity test for a categorical supplementary variable
ijunkApp for junk categories of specific MCA
MCAivMultiple Correspondence Analysis with Instrumental Variables
MCAoivMultiple Correspondence Analysis with Orthogonal Instrumental...
medoidsMedoids of clusters
modif.rateBenzecri's modified rates of variance
multiMCAMultiple Factor Analysis
MusicMusic (data)
nsCANonsymmetric Correspondence Analysis
nsca.biplotBiplot for Nonsymmetric Correspondence Analysis
PCAivPrincipal Component Analysis with Instrumental Variables
PCAoivPrincipal Component Analysis with Orthogonal Instrumental...
planecontribContributions to a plane
plot.csMCAPlot of class specific MCA
plot.multiMCAPlot of Multiple Factor Analysis
plot.speMCAPlot of specific MCA
plot.stMCAPlot of standardized MCA
quadrantQuadrant of active individuals
quasindepQuasi-correspondence analysis
rvcoefRV coefficient
speMCAspecific MCA
stMCAStandardized MCA
supindStatistics for supplementary individuals
supvarStatistics for a categorical supplementary variable
supvarsStatistics for categorical supplementary variables
tabcontribTable with the main contributions of categories to an axis
TasteTaste (data)
textindsupPlot of supplementary individuals
textvarsupPlot of a categorical supplementary variable
translate.logitDeprecated function
wcMCAWithin-class MCA
wcPCAWithin-class Principal Component Analysis
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