Man pages for GDAtools
A Toolbox for the Analysis of Categorical Data in Social Sciences, and Especially Geometric Data Analysis

burtComputes a Burt table
conc.ellipseAdds concentration ellipses to a correspondence analysis...
contribComputes contributions for a correspondence analysis
csMCAPerforms a 'class specific' MCA
dichotomDichotomizes the variables in a data frame
dimcontribDescribes the contributions to axes for MCA and variants of...
dimdesc.MCADescribes the dimensions of MCA and variants of MCA
dimeta2Describes the eta2 of a list of supplementary variables for...
dimvtestDescribes the test-values of a list of supplementary...
getindexcatReturns the names of the categories in a data frame
homog.testComputes a homogeneity test for a categorical supplementary...
indsupComputes statistics for supplementary individuals
medoidsComputes the medoids of clusters
modif.rateComputes the modified rates of variance of a correspondence...
multiMCAPerforms Multiple Factor Analysis
MusicMusic (data)
pemComputes the local and global Percentages of Maximum...
plot.csMCAPlots 'class specific' MCA results
plot.multiMCAPlots Multiple Factor Analysis
plot.speMCAPlots 'specific' MCA results
plot.stMCAPlots 'standardized' MCA results
prop.wtableTransforms a (possibly weighted) contingency table into...
speMCAPerforms a 'specific' MCA
stMCAPerforms a 'standardized' MCA
tabcontribDisplays the categories contributing most to axes for MCA and...
TasteTaste (data)
textindsupAdds supplementary individuals to a MCA graph
textvarsupAdds a categorical supplementary variable to a MCA graph
translate.logitTranslate logit regression coefficients into percentages
varsupComputes statistics for a categorical supplementary variable
wtableComputes a (possibly weighted) contingency table
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