Man pages for GDAtools
A Toolbox for Geometric Data Analysis and More

angles.csaCosine similarities and angles between CSA and MCA
assoc.catcontMeasures the association between a categorical variable and a...
assoc.twocatCross-tabulation and measures of association between two...
assoc.twocontMeasures the association between two continuous variables
assoc.yxBivariate association measures between a response and...
burtComputes a Burt table
catdescMeasures the association between a categorical variable and...
conc.ellipseAdds concentration ellipses to a cloud of individuals.
condescMeasures the association between a continuous variable and...
contribComputes contributions for a MCA
csMCAPerforms a 'class specific' MCA
darmaDescribes Associations as in a Regression Model Analysis.
dichotomDichotomizes the variables in a data frame
dimcontribDescribes the contributions to axes for a MCA
dimdescrDescribes the dimensions of a MCA
dimeta2Describes the eta2 of supplementary variables for the axes of...
dimtypicalityTypicality tests for supplementary variables of a MCA
flip.mcaFlips the coordinates of a MCA
getindexcatReturns the names of the categories in a data frame
ggadd_attractionsAdds attractions between categories via segments to a cloud...
ggadd_chullsAdds convex hulls to a cloud of individuals
ggadd_corrAdds a heatmap of under/over-representation of a...
ggadd_densityAdds a density layer to the cloud of individuals for a...
ggadd_ellipsesAdds confidence ellipses to a cloud of individuals
ggadd_interactionAdds the interaction between two categorical supplementary...
ggadd_kellipsesAdds k-inertia ellipses to a cloud of individuals
ggadd_supindAdds supplementary individuals to a cloud of individuals
ggadd_supvarAdds a categorical supplementary variable to a cloud of...
ggassoc_boxplotBoxplots with violins
ggassoc_crosstabPlots counts and associations of a crosstabulation
ggassoc_phiplotBar plot of phi measures of association of a crosstabulation
ggassoc_scatterScatter plot with a smoothing line
ggcloud_indivPlots MCA cloud of individuals with ggplot2
ggcloud_variablesPlots MCA cloud of variables with ggplot2
homog.testComputes a homogeneity test for a categorical supplementary...
indsupComputes statistics for supplementary individuals
medoidsComputes the medoids of clusters
modif.rateComputes Benzecri's modified rates of variance of a MCA
MoviesMovies (data)
multiMCAPerforms Multiple Factor Analysis
MusicMusic (data)
pemComputes the local and global Percentages of Maximum...
phi.tableComputes the phi coefficient for every cells of a contingency...
plot.csMCAPlots 'class specific' MCA results
plot.multiMCAPlots Multiple Factor Analysis
plot.speMCAPlots 'specific' MCA results
plot.stMCAPlots 'standardized' MCA results
speMCAPerforms a 'specific' MCA
stMCAPerforms a 'standardized' MCA
tabcontribDisplays the categories contributing most to axes for a MCA
TasteTaste (data)
textindsupAdds supplementary individuals to a MCA graph
textvarsupAdds a categorical supplementary variable to a MCA graph
translate.logitTranslates logit regression coefficients into percentages
varsupComputes statistics for a categorical supplementary variable
wtableComputes a (possibly weighted) contingency table
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