Man pages for GPFDA
Apply Gaussian Process in Functional data analysis

betaParCreate an fdPar object
co2co2 data set for real example.
cov.linearCovariance function. Linear covariance function.
cov.pow.exCovariance function. Powered exponential covariance function.
cov.rat.quCovariance function. Rational quadratic covariance function.
D2Second derivative of the likelihood
GPFDA-packageGaussian Process in Functional Data Analysis
gpfrGaussian Process in functional data.
gpfrpredPrediction of the Gaussian Process using functional...
gppredictPrediction of the Gaussian Process
gprGaussian Process regression for single curve
mat2fdCreate an fd object from a matrix
plot.gpfrPlot Gaussian Process regression with functional mean for...
plot.gprPlot Gaussian Process training or predicting
xixjLinear kernel function component.
xixj_staStationary kernel function component.
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