mgpCovMat: Calculate a multivariate Gaussian processes covariance matrix...

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Calculate a multivariate Gaussian processes covariance matrix given a vector of hyperparameters


mgpCovMat(Data, hp)



List of two elements: 'input' and 'response'. The element 'input' is a list of N vectors, where each vector represents the input covariate values for a particular output. The element 'response' is the corresponding list of N matrices (if there are multiple realisations) or vectors (for a single realisation) representing the response variables.


Vector of hyperparameters


Covariance matrix


Shi, J. Q., and Choi, T. (2011), “Gaussian Process Regression Analysis for Functional Data”, CRC Press.


## See examples in vignette:
# vignette("mgpr", package = "GPFDA")

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