Man pages for GSAQ
Gene Set Analysis with QTL

genedistChromosomal distribution of the genes in the selected geneset
genelistA list of genes of rice
geneqtlList of the selected genes along with their corresponding...
GeneSelectSelection of informative geneset
GSAQGene Set Analysis with Quantitative Trait Loci with gene...
GSVQGene Set Validation with QTL using Hyper-geometric test...
qtldistQTL wise distribution of genes in the selected geneset
qtlhitComputation of qtl-hit statistic for the selected gene set
qtl_saltA list of salt responsive Quantitative Trait Loci of rice
rice_saltGene expression data of rice under salinity stress
totqtlhitComputation of total number of qtl-hits found in the whole...
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