readHFD: 'readHFD()' reads a standard HFD .txt table as a 'data.frame'

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readHFDR Documentation

readHFD() reads a standard HFD .txt table as a data.frame


This calls read.table() with all the necessary defaults to avoid annoying surprises. The Age column is also stripped of "-" and "+" and converted to integer, and a logical indicator column called OpenInterval is added to show where these were located. Output is invisibly returned, so you must assign it to take a look. This is to avoid lengthy console printouts.


readHFD(filepath, fixup = TRUE, ...)



path or connection to the HFD text file, including .txt suffix.


logical. Should columns be made more user-friendly, e.g., forcing Age to be integer?


other arguments passed to read.table, not likely needed.


No details of note.


data.frame of standard HFD output, except the Age column has been cleaned, and a new open age indicator column has been added.


original function submitted by Josh Goldstein, modified by Tim Riffe.

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