Man pages for HYRISK
Hybrid Methods for Addressing Uncertainty in RISK Assessments

CREATE_DISTRFunction to assign the corresponding distribution...
CREATE_INPUTFunction to define the input variables (imprecise, random or...
HYRISK-packageHybrid Methods For Addressing Uncertainty In RISK Assessments
PINCHING_funFunction to perform pinching.
PLOT_CDFPlot function depicting the lower and upper CDFs
PLOT_INPUTFunction for plotting the inputs.
PROBA_INTERVALInterval of probability of exceedance.
PROPAGFunction for conducting joint propagation of uncertainty
QUAN_INTERVALInterval of quantiles at a given level.
SENSI_PINCHINGSensitivity analysis using the pinching approach.
SUMMARY_1CDFFunction for summarizing the uncertainty propagation's...
UNCERTAINTYGlobal indicator for summarizing the epistemic uncertainty.
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