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This data is a subset of University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit (CRU) TS (timeseries) precipitation dataset version 3.2.




TestCase is a list of three components: x, lon, and lat. x is an (6400 rows by 41 columns) matrix as required for HiClimR function. The rows represent spatial points (or stations), while the columns represent observations (temporal points or years). lon and lat are vectors of length 80 for unique longitudes and latitudes corrrdinates, where 80 * 80 = 6400 for this gridded data.


CRU TS 3.21 data (1901-2012) is monthly gridded precipitation with 0.5 degree resolution. This test data is a subset with 1 degree resolution for African precipitation in January, 1949-1989.


Climatic Research Unit (CRU) time-series datasets of variations in climate with variations in other phenomena.


Hamada S. Badr, Zaitchik, B. F. and Dezfuli, A. K. (2015): A Tool for Hierarchical Climate Regionalization, Earth Science Informatics, 1-10, http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s12145-015-0221-7.

Hamada S. Badr, Zaitchik, B. F. and Dezfuli, A. K. (2014): Hierarchical Climate Regionalization, CRAN, http://cran.r-project.org/package=HiClimR.

Harris, I., Jones, P., Osborn, T., and Lister, D. (2013): Updated high-resolution grids of monthly climatic observations-the CRU TS3.10 Dataset, International journal of climatology, Available from: http://badc.nerc.ac.uk/view/badc.nerc.ac.uk__ATOM__dataent_1256223773328276



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