WorldMask: World Mask for Geographic Masking in HiClimR

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This data is used for geographic masking by geogMask function in HiClimR package.




WorldMask is a list with two components: info and mask. info is an (284 rows by 10 columns) matrix. The rows are for areas or countries while the columns are for codes required by geogMask. mask is an (3601 rows by 1801 columns) matrix with integer values from 1 to 284 for the areas defined in info.


This data is used internally by geogMask function for geographic masking in HiClimR package. The user is adviced to refer to the function manual for more details. The world mask is available in 0.1 degree (10 km) resolution. The info data provides information for continents, regions, and country codes).


The data are based on the Humanitarian Information Unit (HIU) Large Scale International Boundaries (LSIB) dataset.


Hamada S. Badr, Zaitchik, B. F. and Dezfuli, A. K. (2015): A Tool for Hierarchical Climate Regionalization, Earth Science Informatics, 1-10,

Hamada S. Badr, Zaitchik, B. F. and Dezfuli, A. K. (2014): Hierarchical Climate Regionalization, CRAN,

LSIB Data:



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