HistDAWass: Histogram-Valued Data Analysis

In the framework of Symbolic Data Analysis, a relatively new approach to the statistical analysis of multi-valued data, we consider histogram-valued data, i.e., data described by univariate histograms. The methods and the basic statistics for histogram-valued data are mainly based on the L2 Wasserstein metric between distributions, i.e., a Euclidean metric between quantile functions. The package contains unsupervised classification techniques, least square regression and tools for histogram-valued data and for histogram time series.

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AuthorAntonio Irpino [aut, cre]
Date of publication2017-02-13 11:27:36
MaintainerAntonio Irpino <antonio.irpino@unina2.it>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

Age_Pyramids_2014: Age pyramids of all the countries of the World in 2014

Agronomique: Agronomique data

BLOOD: Blood dataset for Histogram data analysis

BloodBRITO: Blood dataset from Brito P. for Histogram data analysis

Center.cell.MatH-methods: Method Center.cell.MatH Centers all the cells of a matrix of...

checkEmptyBins-methods: Method 'checkEmptyBins'

China_Month: A monthly climatic dataset of China

China_Seas: A seasonal climatic dataset of China

compP-methods: Method 'compP'

compQ-methods: Method 'compQ'

crwtransform-methods: Method 'crwtransform': returns the centers and the radii of...

data2hist: From real data to distributionH.

distributionH-class: Class distributionH.

dotpW-methods: Method 'dotpW'

DouglasPeucker: Ramer-Douglas-Peucker algorithm for curve fitting with a...

extract-methods: extract from a MatH Method [

get.cell.MatH-methods: Method get.cell.MatH Returns the histogram in a cell of a...

get.distr-methods: Method 'get.distr': show the distribution

get.histo-methods: Method 'get.histo': show the distribution with bins

get.MatH.main.info-methods: Method get.MatH.main.info

get.MatH.ncols-methods: Method get.MatH.ncols

get.MatH.nrows-methods: Method get.MatH.nrows

get.MatH.rownames-methods: Method get.MatH.rownames

get.MatH.stats-methods: Method get.MatH.stats

get.MatH.varnames-methods: Method get.MatH.varnames

get.m-methods: Method 'get.m': the mean of a distribution

get.s-methods: Method 'get.s': the standard deviation of a distribution

HistDAWass-package: Histogram-Valued Data Analysis

HTS-class: Class HTS

HTS.exponential.smoothing: Smoothing with exponential smoothing of a histogram time...

HTS.moving.averages: Smoothing with moving averages of a histogram time series

HTS.predict.knn: K-NN predictions of a histogram time series

is.registeredMH-methods: Method is.registeredMH

kurtH-methods: Method 'kurtH': computes the kurthosis of a distribution

MatH-class: Class MatH.

meanH-methods: Method 'meanH': computes the mean of a distribution

minus: Method -

OzoneFull: Full Ozone dataset for Histogram data analysis

OzoneH: Complete Ozone dataset for Histogram data analysis

plot-distributionH: plot for a distributionH object

plot_errors: A function for plotting functions of errors

plot-HTS: Method plot for a histogram time series

plot-MatH: Method plot for a matrix of histograms

plotPredVsObs: A function for comparing observed vs predicted histograms

plot-TdistributionH: plot for a TdistributionH object

plus-methods: Method +

register-methods: Method 'register'

registerMH-methods: Method registerMH

RetHTS: A histogram-valued dataset of returns

rQQ-methods: Method 'rQQ'

set.cell.MatH-methods: Method set.cell.MatH assign a histogram to a cell of a matrix...

ShortestDistance: Shortes distance from a point o a 2d segment

show-distributionH-methods: Method show for distributionH

show-MatH-methods: Method show for MatH

skewH-methods: Method 'skewH': computes the skewness of a distribution

stations_coordinates: Stations coordinates of China_Month and China_Seas datasets

stdH-methods: Method 'stdH': computes the standard deviation of a...

subsetHTS-methods: Method 'subsetHTS': extract a subset of a histogram time...

TdistributionH-class: Class TdistributionH

times-methods: Method *

TMatH-class: Class TMatH

WassSqDistH-methods: Method 'WassSqDistH'

WH.1d.PCA: Principal components analysis of histogram variable based on...

WH_2d_Adaptive_Kohonen_maps: Batch Kohonen self-organizing 2d maps using adaptive...

WH_2d_Kohonen_maps: Batch Kohonen self-organizing 2d maps for histogram-valued...

WH_adaptive_fcmeans: Fuzzy c-means with adaptive distances for histogram-valued...

WH_adaptive.kmeans: K-means of a dataset of histogram-valued data using adaptive...

WH.bind.col-methods: Method WH.bind.col

WH.bind-methods: Method WH.bind

WH.bind.row-methods: Method WH.bind.row

WH.correlation2-methods: Method WH.correlation2

WH.correlation-methods: Method WH.correlation

WH_fcmeans: Fuzzy c-means of a dataset of histogram-valued data

WH_hclust: Hierarchical clustering of histogram data

WH_kmeans: K-means of a dataset of histogram-valued data

WH.mat.prod-methods: Method WH.mat.prod

WH.mat.sum-methods: Method WH.mat.sum

WH.MultiplePCA: (Preliminary version) Principal components analysis of a set...

WH.regression.GOF: Goodness of Fit indices for Multiple regression of histogram...

WH.regression.two.components: Multiple regression analysis for histogram variables based on...

WH.regression.two.components.predict: Multiple regression analysis for histogram variables based on...

WH.SSQ2-methods: Method WH.SSQ2

WH.SSQ-methods: Method WH.SSQ

WH.var.covar2-methods: Method WH.var.covar2

WH.var.covar-methods: Method WH.var.covar

WH.vec.mean-methods: Method WH.vec.mean

WH.vec.sum-methods: Method WH.vec.sum


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+ Man page
Age_Pyramids_2014 Man page
Agronomique Man page
BLOOD Man page
BloodBRITO Man page
Center.cell.MatH Man page
Center.cell.MatH,MatH-method Man page
checkEmptyBins Man page
checkEmptyBins,distributionH-method Man page
China_Month Man page
China_Seas Man page
compP Man page
compP,distributionH-method Man page
compP,distributionH,numeric-method Man page
compQ Man page
compQ,distributionH-method Man page
compQ,distributionH,numeric-method Man page
crwtransform Man page
crwtransform,distributionH-method Man page
data2hist Man page
distributionH Man page
distributionH-class Man page
-,distributionH,distributionH-method Man page
*,distributionH,distributionH-method Man page
+,distributionH,distributionH-method Man page
-,distributionH,numeric-method Man page
*,distributionH,numeric-method Man page
+,distributionH,numeric-method Man page
dotpW Man page
dotpW,distributionH,distributionH-method Man page
dotpW,distributionH-method Man page
dotpW,distributionH,numeric-method Man page
dotpW,numeric,distributionH-method Man page
DouglasPeucker Man page
get.cell.MatH Man page
get.cell.MatH,MatH-method Man page
get.cell.MatH,MatH,numeric,numeric-method Man page
get.distr Man page
get.distr,distributionH-method Man page
get.histo Man page
get.histo,distributionH-method Man page
get.m Man page
get.MatH.main.info Man page
get.MatH.main.info,MatH-method Man page
get.MatH.ncols Man page
get.MatH.ncols,MatH-method Man page
get.MatH.nrows Man page
get.MatH.nrows,MatH-method Man page
get.MatH.rownames Man page
get.MatH.rownames,MatH-method Man page
get.MatH.stats Man page
get.MatH.stats,MatH-method Man page
get.MatH.varnames Man page
get.MatH.varnames,MatH-method Man page
get.m,distributionH-method Man page
get.s Man page
get.s,distributionH-method Man page
HistDAWass Man page
HistDAWass-package Man page
HTS Man page
HTS-class Man page
HTS.exponential.smoothing Man page
HTS.moving.averages Man page
HTS.predict.knn Man page
initialize,distributionH-method Man page
initialize,HTS-method Man page
initialize,MatH-method Man page
initialize,TdistributionH-method Man page
initialize,TMatH-method Man page
is.registeredMH Man page
is.registeredMH,MatH-method Man page
kurtH Man page
kurtH,distributionH-method Man page
MatH Man page
[,MatH,ANY,ANY,ANY-method Man page
MatH-class Man page
[,MatH-method Man page
meanH Man page
meanH,distributionH-method Man page
*-methods Man page
minus Man page
-,numeric,distributionH-method Man page
*,numeric,distributionH-method Man page
+,numeric,distributionH-method Man page
OzoneFull Man page
OzoneH Man page
plot-distributionH Man page
plot,distributionH-method Man page
plot_errors Man page
plot-HTS Man page
plot,HTS-method Man page
plot-MatH Man page
plot,MatH-method Man page
plotPredVsObs Man page
plot-TdistributionH Man page
plot,TdistributionH-method Man page
register Man page
register,distributionH,distributionH-method Man page
register,distributionH-method Man page
registerMH Man page
registerMH,MatH-method Man page
RetHTS Man page
rQQ Man page
rQQ,distributionH,distributionH-method Man page
rQQ,distributionH-method Man page
set.cell.MatH Man page
set.cell.MatH,distributionH,MatH,numeric,numeric-method Man page
set.cell.MatH,MatH-method Man page
ShortestDistance Man page
show Man page
show,distributionH-method Man page
show-MatH Man page
show,MatH-method Man page
skewH Man page
skewH,distributionH-method Man page
stations_coordinates Man page
stdH Man page
stdH,distributionH-method Man page
subsetHTS Man page
subsetHTS,HTS,numeric,numeric-method Man page
TdistributionH Man page
TdistributionH-class Man page
TMatH Man page
TMatH-class Man page
WassSqDistH Man page
WassSqDistH,distributionH,distributionH-method Man page
WassSqDistH,distributionH-method Man page
WH.1d.PCA Man page
WH_2d_Adaptive_Kohonen_maps Man page
WH_2d_Kohonen_maps Man page
WH_adaptive_fcmeans Man page
WH_adaptive.kmeans Man page
WH.bind Man page
WH.bind.col Man page
WH.bind.col,MatH,MatH-method Man page
WH.bind.col,MatH-method Man page
WH.bind,MatH,MatH-method Man page
WH.bind,MatH-method Man page
WH.bind.row Man page
WH.bind.row,MatH,MatH-method Man page
WH.bind.row,MatH-method Man page
WH.correlation Man page
WH.correlation2 Man page
WH.correlation2,MatH,MatH-method Man page
WH.correlation2,MatH-method Man page
WH.correlation,MatH-method Man page
WH_fcmeans Man page
WH_hclust Man page
WH_kmeans Man page
WH.mat.prod Man page
WH.mat.prod,MatH,MatH-method Man page
WH.mat.prod,MatH-method Man page
WH.mat.sum Man page
WH.mat.sum,MatH,MatH-method Man page
WH.mat.sum,MatH-method Man page
WH.MultiplePCA Man page
WH.regression.GOF Man page
WH.regression.two.components Man page
WH.regression.two.components.predict Man page
WH.SSQ Man page
WH.SSQ2 Man page
WH.SSQ2,MatH,MatH-method Man page
WH.SSQ2,MatH-method Man page
WH.SSQ,MatH-method Man page
WH.var.covar Man page
WH.var.covar2 Man page
WH.var.covar2,MatH,MatH-method Man page
WH.var.covar2,MatH-method Man page
WH.var.covar,MatH-method Man page
WH.vec.mean Man page
WH.vec.mean,MatH-method Man page
WH.vec.sum Man page
WH.vec.sum,MatH-method Man page


R/Utility.R R/H_time_series.R R/Met_HTS.R R/regression.R R/unsuperv_classification.R R/Kohonen_maps.R R/All_classes.R R/Fuzzy_cmeans.R R/Plotting_with_ggplot.R R/principal_components.R R/Met_distributionH.R R/HistDAWass-package.R R/Met_MatH.R
man/set.cell.MatH-methods.Rd man/get.MatH.varnames-methods.Rd man/get.MatH.rownames-methods.Rd man/meanH-methods.Rd man/get.histo-methods.Rd man/stdH-methods.Rd man/MatH-class.Rd man/distributionH-class.Rd man/minus.Rd man/get.s-methods.Rd man/get.m-methods.Rd man/WH.var.covar2-methods.Rd man/is.registeredMH-methods.Rd man/TMatH-class.Rd man/WH.mat.prod-methods.Rd man/show-MatH-methods.Rd man/kurtH-methods.Rd man/WH.1d.PCA.Rd man/Agronomique.Rd man/China_Seas.Rd man/WH.var.covar-methods.Rd man/get.MatH.nrows-methods.Rd man/WH.vec.mean-methods.Rd man/WH.SSQ-methods.Rd man/HTS.predict.knn.Rd man/plot-distributionH.Rd man/times-methods.Rd man/OzoneH.Rd man/WH.vec.sum-methods.Rd man/ShortestDistance.Rd man/rQQ-methods.Rd man/WH.correlation2-methods.Rd man/subsetHTS-methods.Rd man/WH_adaptive_fcmeans.Rd man/China_Month.Rd man/plot-TdistributionH.Rd man/plus-methods.Rd man/OzoneFull.Rd man/extract-methods.Rd man/HistDAWass-package.Rd man/WH_hclust.Rd man/get.MatH.stats-methods.Rd man/TdistributionH-class.Rd man/DouglasPeucker.Rd man/WH_kmeans.Rd man/HTS-class.Rd man/skewH-methods.Rd man/WH.MultiplePCA.Rd man/WH_2d_Kohonen_maps.Rd man/compP-methods.Rd man/get.MatH.ncols-methods.Rd man/WH.regression.GOF.Rd man/WH_2d_Adaptive_Kohonen_maps.Rd man/WH.SSQ2-methods.Rd man/HTS.exponential.smoothing.Rd man/get.MatH.main.info-methods.Rd man/plotPredVsObs.Rd man/WH.mat.sum-methods.Rd man/checkEmptyBins-methods.Rd man/plot-MatH.Rd man/dotpW-methods.Rd man/data2hist.Rd man/registerMH-methods.Rd man/get.distr-methods.Rd man/WH.bind-methods.Rd man/show-distributionH-methods.Rd man/WH.correlation-methods.Rd man/compQ-methods.Rd man/Center.cell.MatH-methods.Rd man/WH.regression.two.components.predict.Rd man/WH.bind.col-methods.Rd man/get.cell.MatH-methods.Rd man/WH.bind.row-methods.Rd man/BLOOD.Rd man/WH.regression.two.components.Rd man/crwtransform-methods.Rd man/WassSqDistH-methods.Rd man/BloodBRITO.Rd man/plot_errors.Rd man/WH_adaptive.kmeans.Rd man/WH_fcmeans.Rd man/HTS.moving.averages.Rd man/stations_coordinates.Rd man/RetHTS.Rd man/Age_Pyramids_2014.Rd man/register-methods.Rd man/plot-HTS.Rd

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