Man pages for HistDAWass
Histogram-Valued Data Analysis

Age_Pyramids_2014Age pyramids of all the countries of the World in 2014
AgronomiqueAgronomique data
BLOODBlood dataset for Histogram data analysis
BloodBRITOBlood dataset from Brito P. for Histogram data analysis
Center.cell.MatH-methodsMethod Center.cell.MatH Centers all the cells of a matrix of...
checkEmptyBins-methodsMethod 'checkEmptyBins'
China_MonthA monthly climatic dataset of China
China_SeasA seasonal climatic dataset of China
compP-methodsMethod 'compP'
compQ-methodsMethod 'compQ'
crwtransform-methodsMethod 'crwtransform': returns the centers and the radii of...
data2histFrom real data to distributionH.
distributionH-classClass distributionH.
dotpW-methodsMethod 'dotpW'
DouglasPeuckerRamer-Douglas-Peucker algorithm for curve fitting with a...
extract-methodsextract from a MatH Method [
get.cell.MatH-methodsMethod get.cell.MatH Returns the histogram in a cell of a...
get.distr-methodsMethod 'get.distr': show the distribution
get.histo-methodsMethod 'get.histo': show the distribution with bins
get.MatH.ncols-methodsMethod get.MatH.ncols
get.MatH.nrows-methodsMethod get.MatH.nrows
get.MatH.rownames-methodsMethod get.MatH.rownames
get.MatH.stats-methodsMethod get.MatH.stats
get.MatH.varnames-methodsMethod get.MatH.varnames
get.m-methodsMethod 'get.m': the mean of a distribution
get.s-methodsMethod 'get.s': the standard deviation of a distribution
HistDAWass-packageHistogram-Valued Data Analysis
HTS-classClass HTS
HTS.exponential.smoothingSmoothing with exponential smoothing of a histogram time...
HTS.moving.averagesSmoothing with moving averages of a histogram time series
HTS.predict.knnK-NN predictions of a histogram time series
is.registeredMH-methodsMethod is.registeredMH
kurtH-methodsMethod 'kurtH': computes the kurthosis of a distribution
MatH-classClass MatH.
meanH-methodsMethod 'meanH': computes the mean of a distribution
minusMethod -
OzoneFullFull Ozone dataset for Histogram data analysis
OzoneHComplete Ozone dataset for Histogram data analysis
plot-distributionHplot for a distributionH object
plot_errorsA function for plotting functions of errors
plot-HTSMethod plot for a histogram time series
plot-MatHMethod plot for a matrix of histograms
plotPredVsObsA function for comparing observed vs predicted histograms
plot-TdistributionHplot for a TdistributionH object
plus-methodsMethod +
register-methodsMethod 'register'
registerMH-methodsMethod registerMH
RetHTSA histogram-valued dataset of returns
rQQ-methodsMethod 'rQQ'
set.cell.MatH-methodsMethod set.cell.MatH assign a histogram to a cell of a matrix...
ShortestDistanceShortes distance from a point o a 2d segment
show-distributionH-methodsMethod show for distributionH
show-MatH-methodsMethod show for MatH
skewH-methodsMethod 'skewH': computes the skewness of a distribution
stations_coordinatesStations coordinates of China_Month and China_Seas datasets
stdH-methodsMethod 'stdH': computes the standard deviation of a...
subsetHTS-methodsMethod 'subsetHTS': extract a subset of a histogram time...
TdistributionH-classClass TdistributionH
times-methodsMethod *
TMatH-classClass TMatH
WassSqDistH-methodsMethod 'WassSqDistH'
WH.1d.PCAPrincipal components analysis of histogram variable based on...
WH_2d_Adaptive_Kohonen_mapsBatch Kohonen self-organizing 2d maps using adaptive...
WH_2d_Kohonen_mapsBatch Kohonen self-organizing 2d maps for histogram-valued...
WH_adaptive_fcmeansFuzzy c-means with adaptive distances for histogram-valued...
WH_adaptive.kmeansK-means of a dataset of histogram-valued data using adaptive...
WH.bind.col-methodsMethod WH.bind.col
WH.bind-methodsMethod WH.bind
WH.bind.row-methodsMethod WH.bind.row
WH.correlation2-methodsMethod WH.correlation2
WH.correlation-methodsMethod WH.correlation
WH_fcmeansFuzzy c-means of a dataset of histogram-valued data
WH_hclustHierarchical clustering of histogram data
WH_kmeansK-means of a dataset of histogram-valued data
WH.mat.sum-methodsMethod WH.mat.sum
WH.MultiplePCAPrincipal components analysis of a set of histogram variable...
WH.plot_multiple_indivsPlot histograms of individuals after a Multiple factor...
WH.plot_multiple_Spanish.funsPlotting Spanish fun plots for Multiple factor analysis of...
WH.regression.GOFGoodness of Fit indices for Multiple regression of histogram...
WH.regression.two.componentsMultiple regression analysis for histogram variables based on...
WH.regression.two.components.predictMultiple regression analysis for histogram variables based on...
WH.SSQ2-methodsMethod WH.SSQ2
WH.SSQ-methodsMethod WH.SSQ
WH.var.covar2-methodsMethod WH.var.covar2
WH.var.covar-methodsMethod WH.var.covar
WH.vec.mean-methodsMethod WH.vec.mean
WH.vec.sum-methodsMethod WH.vec.sum
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