China_Seas: A seasonal climatic dataset of China

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A dataset with the distributions of some climatic variables collected for each season in 60 stations of China. The collected variables are 56 i.e. 14 climatic variables observed for 4 seasons. The 14 variables are the following: mean station pressure (mb), mean temperature, mean maximum temperature, mean minimum temperature, total precipitation (mm), sunshine duration (h), mean cloud amount (percentage of sky cover), mean relative humidity ( mean wind speed (m/s), dominant wind frequency ( extreme minimum temperature. Use the command for rapid info.


a MatH object, a matrix of distributions.


Antonio Irpino, 2014-10-05


raw data are available here: Climate Data Bases of the People's Republic of China 1841-1988 (TR055) DOI: 10.3334/CDIAC/cli.tr055

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