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A HivePlotData object, especially one created fresh using dot2HPD, generally contains a lot of hidden information about the network described. This function can extract this hidden information. This function has options which are quite specific as to what they do. The user can easily write new options and incorporate them. This function can be called multiple times using different options to gradually modify the HivePlotData object.


mineHPD(HPD, option = "rad <- tot.edge.count")



A HivePlotData object.


A character string giving the option desired. See Details for current options.


option = "rad <- tot.edge.count" This option looks through the HivePlotData object and determines how many edges start or end on each node (the "degree"). This value is then assigned to the radius for that node.

option = "axis <- source.man.sink" This option examines the nodes and corresponding edges in a HivePlotData object to determine if the node is a source, manager or sink. A source node only has outgoing edges. A sink node only has incoming edges. A manager has both. Hence, this option treats the HivePlotData object as if it were directed in that the first node of an edge in will be in HPD$nodes$id1 and the second node of an edge will be in HPD$nodes$id2. As a result, this option produces a hive plot with 3 axes (note: sources are on axis 1, sinks on axis 2, and managers on axis 3). This concept is similar to the idea of FuncMap but the internals are quite different. See also dot2HPD for some details about processing .dot files in an agnostic fashion.

option = "remove orphans" removes nodes that have degree zero (no incoming or outgoing edges).

option = "remove zero edge" removes edges with length zero. Such edges cause an error because the spline cannot be drawn. This option combines the next two options.

option = "remove self edge" removes edges that start and end on the same node.

option = "remove virtual edge" removes virtual edges which are edges which involve different nodes but the nodes happen to be on the the same axis at the same radius.

option = "remove edges same axis" removes edges which start and end on the same axis.


A modified HivePlotData object.


Bryan A. Hanson, DePauw University. hanson@depauw.edu

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See the vignette for an example of using this function. Use browseVignettes("HiveR") to produce the vignette.

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