HyperbolicDist: The hyperbolic distribution

This package provides functions for the hyperbolic and related distributions. Density, distribution and quantile functions and random number generation are provided for the hyperbolic distribution, the generalized hyperbolic distribution, the generalized inverse Gaussian distribution and the skew-Laplace distribution. Additional functionality is provided for the hyperbolic distribution, including fitting of the hyperbolic to data.

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AuthorDavid Scott <d.scott@auckland.ac.nz>
Date of publication2009-09-23 16:45:00
MaintainerDavid Scott <d.scott@auckland.ac.nz>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

besselRatio: Ratio of Bessel K Functions

dghyp: Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution

dgig: Generalized Inverse Gaussian Distribution

dhyperb: Hyperbolic Distribution

dskewlap: Skew-Laplace Distribution

ghypCalcRange: Range of a Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution

ghypChangePars: Change Parameterizations of the Generalized Hyperbolic...

ghypMeanVarMode: Moments and Mode of the Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution

ghypMom: Calculate Moments of the Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution

gigCalcRange: Range of a Generalized Inverse Gaussian Distribution

gigChangePars: Change Parameterizations of the Generalized Inverse Gaussian...

gigCheckPars: Check Parameters of the Generalized Inverse Gaussian...

gigMeanVarMode: Moments and Mode of the Generalized Inverse Gaussian...

gigMom: Calculate Moments of the Generalized Inverse Gaussian...

hyperbCalcRange: Range of a Hyperbolic Distribution

hyperbChangePars: Change Parameterizations of the Hyperbolic Distribution

hyperbCvMTest: Cramer-von~Mises Test of a Hyperbolic Distribution

hyperbFit: Fit the Hyperbolic Distribution to Data

hyperbFitStart: Find Starting Values for Fitting a Hyperbolic Distribution

hyperbMeanVarMode: Moments and Mode of the Hyperbolic Distribution

HyperbolicDistribution: The Package 'HyperbolicDist': Summary Information

hyperbWSqTable: Percentage Points for the Cramer-von Mises Test of the...

is.wholenumber: Is Object Numeric and Whole Numbers

logHist: Plot Log-Histogram

mamquam: Size of Gravels from Mamquam River

momChangeAbout: Obtain Moments About a New Location

momIntegrated: Moments Using Integration

momRecursion: Computes the moment coefficients recursively for generalized...

qqghyp: Generalized Hyperbolic Quantile-Quantile and Percent-Percent...

qqgig: Generalized Inverse Gaussian Quantile-Quantile and...

qqhyperb: Hyperbolic Quantile-Quantile and Percent-Percent Plots

qqskewlap: Skew-Laplace Quantile-Quantile and Percent-Percent Plots

resistors: Resistance of One-half-ohm Resistors

RLambda: Functions for Calculating Moments

safeIntegrate: Safe Integration of One-Dimensional Functions

sampleMoments: Sample Skewness and Kurtosis

SandP500: S&P 500

summary.hyperbFit: Summarizing Hyperbolic Distribution Fit


besselRatio Man page
ddghyp Man page
ddgig Man page
ddhyperb Man page
dghyp Man page
dgig Man page
dhyperb Man page
dskewlap Man page
gammaLambda1 Man page
gammaLambda2 Man page
gammaRawMom Man page
ghypBreaks Man page
ghypCalcRange Man page
ghypChangePars Man page
ghypKurt Man page
ghypMean Man page
ghypMode Man page
ghypMom Man page
ghypSkew Man page
ghypVar Man page
gigBreaks Man page
gigCalcRange Man page
gigChangePars Man page
gigCheckPars Man page
gigKurt Man page
gigMean Man page
gigMode Man page
gigMom Man page
gigRawMom Man page
gigSkew Man page
gigVar Man page
hyperbBreaks Man page
hyperbCalcRange Man page
hyperbChangePars Man page
hyperbCvMTest Man page
hyperbCvMTestPValue Man page
hyperbFit Man page
hyperbFitStart Man page
hyperbFitStartMoM Man page
hyperbKurt Man page
hyperbMean Man page
hyperbMode Man page
HyperbolicDist-package Man page
HyperbolicDistribution Man page
hyperbSkew Man page
hyperbVar Man page
hyperbWSqTable Man page
is.wholenumber Man page
kurtosis Man page
logHist Man page
mamquam Man page
MLambda Man page
momChangeAbout Man page
momIntegrated Man page
momRecursion Man page
pghyp Man page
pgig Man page
phyperb Man page
plot.hyperbFit Man page
ppghyp Man page
ppgig Man page
pphyperb Man page
ppskewlap Man page
print.hyperbCvMTest Man page
print.hyperbFit Man page
print.integrate Man page
print.summary.hyperbFit Man page
pskewlap Man page
qghyp Man page
qgig Man page
qhyperb Man page
qqghyp Man page
qqgig Man page
qqhyperb Man page
qqskewlap Man page
qskewlap Man page
resistors Man page
rghyp Man page
rgig Man page
rgig1 Man page
rhyperb Man page
RLambda Man page
rskewlap Man page
safeIntegrate Man page
SandP500 Man page
skewness Man page
SLambda Man page
summary.hyperbFit Man page
WLambda1 Man page
WLambda2 Man page
WLambda3 Man page
WLambda4 Man page


man/hyperbChangePars.Rd man/gigMom.Rd man/summary.hyperbFit.Rd man/ghypChangePars.Rd man/ghypCalcRange.Rd man/HyperbolicDistribution.Rd man/gigCheckPars.Rd man/qqgig.Rd man/hyperbFit.Rd man/hyperbCvMTest.Rd man/resistors.Rd man/momChangeAbout.Rd man/dgig.Rd man/dskewlap.Rd man/ghypMom.Rd man/besselRatio.Rd man/mamquam.Rd man/qqhyperb.Rd man/dghyp.Rd man/momRecursion.Rd man/ghypMeanVarMode.Rd man/momIntegrated.Rd man/is.wholenumber.Rd man/RLambda.Rd man/safeIntegrate.Rd man/gigCalcRange.Rd man/qqghyp.Rd man/dhyperb.Rd man/gigMeanVarMode.Rd man/logHist.Rd man/SandP500.Rd man/qqskewlap.Rd man/hyperbMeanVarMode.Rd man/sampleMoments.Rd man/hyperbCalcRange.Rd man/gigChangePars.Rd man/hyperbFitStart.Rd man/hyperbWSqTable.Rd
data/SandP500.R data/mamquam.R data/hyperbWSqTable.R data/resistors.R
tests/testgigMom.R tests/testis.wholenumber.R tests/testgigCheckPars.R tests/testgigMeanVarMode.R tests/testghypMom.R tests/testmomIntegrated.R tests/testghypMeanVarMode.R tests/testmomChangeAbout.R tests/testbesselRatio.R
R/gigMom.R R/hyperbFitStart.R R/zzz.R R/gigChangePars.R R/is.wholenumber.R R/safeIntegrate.R R/logHist.R R/gigCalcRange.R R/qqskewlap.R R/dgig.R R/dghyp.R R/besselRatio.R R/ghypChangePars.R R/hyperbChangePars.R R/qqghyp.R R/ghypCalcRange.R R/dskewlap.R R/hyperbMeanVarMode.R R/summary.hyperbFit.R R/gigCheckPars.R R/RLambda.R R/momRecursion.R R/dhyperb.R R/hyperbCalcRange.R R/hyperbCvMTest.R R/ghypMeanVarMode.R R/gigMeanVarMode.R R/qqhyperb.R R/momIntegrated.R R/hyperbFit.R R/sampleMoments.R R/qqgig.R R/ghypMom.R R/momChangeAbout.R
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