Man pages for HyperbolicDist
The Hyperbolic Distribution

besselRatioRatio of Bessel K Functions
dghypGeneralized Hyperbolic Distribution
dgigGeneralized Inverse Gaussian Distribution
dhyperbHyperbolic Distribution
dskewlapSkew-Laplace Distribution
ghypCalcRangeRange of a Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution
ghypChangeParsChange Parameterizations of the Generalized Hyperbolic...
ghypMeanVarModeMoments and Mode of the Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution
ghypMomCalculate Moments of the Generalized Hyperbolic Distribution
gigCalcRangeRange of a Generalized Inverse Gaussian Distribution
gigChangeParsChange Parameterizations of the Generalized Inverse Gaussian...
gigCheckParsCheck Parameters of the Generalized Inverse Gaussian...
gigMeanVarModeMoments and Mode of the Generalized Inverse Gaussian...
gigMomCalculate Moments of the Generalized Inverse Gaussian...
hyperbCalcRangeRange of a Hyperbolic Distribution
hyperbChangeParsChange Parameterizations of the Hyperbolic Distribution
hyperbCvMTestCramer-von~Mises Test of a Hyperbolic Distribution
hyperbFitFit the Hyperbolic Distribution to Data
hyperbFitStartFind Starting Values for Fitting a Hyperbolic Distribution
hyperbMeanVarModeMoments and Mode of the Hyperbolic Distribution
HyperbolicDistributionThe Package 'HyperbolicDist': Summary Information
hyperbWSqTablePercentage Points for the Cramer-von Mises Test of the...
is.wholenumberIs Object Numeric and Whole Numbers
logHistPlot Log-Histogram
mamquamSize of Gravels from Mamquam River
momChangeAboutObtain Moments About a New Location
momIntegratedMoments Using Integration
momRecursionComputes the moment coefficients recursively for generalized...
qqghypGeneralized Hyperbolic Quantile-Quantile and Percent-Percent...
qqgigGeneralized Inverse Gaussian Quantile-Quantile and...
qqhyperbHyperbolic Quantile-Quantile and Percent-Percent Plots
qqskewlapSkew-Laplace Quantile-Quantile and Percent-Percent Plots
resistorsResistance of One-half-ohm Resistors
RLambdaFunctions for Calculating Moments
safeIntegrateSafe Integration of One-Dimensional Functions
sampleMomentsSample Skewness and Kurtosis
SandP500S&P 500
summary.hyperbFitSummarizing Hyperbolic Distribution Fit
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