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Functions for Calculating Moments


Functions used to calculate the mean, variance, skewness and kurtosis of a hyperbolic distribution. Not expected to be called directly by users.


RLambda(zeta, lambda = 1)
SLambda(zeta, lambda = 1)
MLambda(zeta, lambda = 1)
WLambda1(zeta, lambda = 1)
WLambda2(zeta, lambda = 1)
WLambda3(zeta, lambda = 1)
WLambda4(zeta, lambda = 1)
gammaLambda1(hyperbPi, zeta, lambda = 1)
gammaLambda1(hyperbPi, zeta, lambda = 1)



Value of the parameter pi of the hyperbolic distribution.


Value of the parameter zeta of the hyperbolic distribution.


Parameter related to order of Bessel functions.


The functions RLambda and SLambda are used in the calculation of the mean and variance. They are functions of the Bessel functions of the third kind, implemented in R as besselK. The other functions are used in calculation of higher moments. See Barndorff-Nielsen, O. and Blaesild, P (1981) for details of the calculations.

The parameterisation of the hyperbolic distribution used for this and other components of the HyperbolicDist package is the (pi,zeta) one. See hyperbChangePars to transfer between parameterizations.


David Scott d.scott@auckland.ac.nz, Richard Trendall, Thomas Tran


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