Man pages for IsoriX
Isoscape Computation and Inference of Spatial Origins using Mixed Models

AssignDataAlienSimulated assignment dataset
AssignDataBatAssignment dataset for bat species
CalibDataAlienSimulated calibration dataset
CalibDataBatCalibration dataset for bat species
calibfitFit the calibration model
CountryBordersBorders of world CountryBorders
create_aliensSimulate datasets for calibrations or assignments
ElevRasterDEThe raster of elevation for Germany
getelevDownload an elevation raster from internet
getprecipDownload rasters of monthly precipitation from internet
GNIPDataDEDeuterium in precipitation water, Germany
isofindInfer spatial origins
isofitFit the isoscape model
isomultifitFit isoscape models per strata (typically time interval such...
isomultiscapePredicts the average spatial distribution of isotopic values...
isopalette2Colour palettes for plotting
IsoriX-defunctDeprecated functions
IsoriX-packageisoscape Computation and Inference of Spatial Origins using...
isoscapePredicts the spatial distribution of isotopic values
isosimSimulate isotopic values
OceanMaskMask of world oceans
optionsSetting and displaying the options of the package
plotsPlotting functions for IsoriX
prepcipitatePrepare the raster brick containing the precipitation data
prepdataFilter the dataset to create an isoscape
relevatePrepare the elevation raster
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