Man pages for JAGUAR
Joint Analysis of Genotype and Group-Specific Variability Using a Novel Score Test Approach to Map Expression Quantitative Trait Loci (eQTL)

cis_eqtlAn internal C++ function
GENEapplyAn internal C++ function
jag_funAn internal C++ function
jagSIMAn internal C++ function
jaguar_cisPerform cis-eQTL analysis
jaguar_exampleSimulated multi-tissue eQTL data
jaguar_gwaPerform genome-wide analysis
JAGUAR-packageJoint analysis of genotype and group-specific variability...
jaguar_plotqtlPlotting the eQTL results
jaguar_processObtain significant gene-SNP pairs based on a predetermined...
jaguar_simRun null or power simulations
jaguar_sliceSlice gene expression data into multiple partitions
rowsumscppAn internal C++ function
vcSIMAn internal C++ function
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