Man pages for JOPS
Practical Smoothing with P-Splines

bbaseCompute a B-spline basis matrix
binitTranslated number vector to bin index.
bone_dataSpinal bone relative mineral density
cbaseCompute a circular B-spline basis matrix
cdiffCompute a second order circular differencing matrix
CGHsimSimulation of CGH data
clone_baseClone a B-spline basis for new x
ComplaintsEnvironmental complaints from the Rijnomond area of The...
count2dCreate a matrix of counts.
dev_calcDeviance calculation for GLM P-spline fitting.
DisksPrices of hard disk drives
ECGA section of an ECG (electrocardiogram)
fitamplFit amplitude coeffcients in the bundle model for expectiles
fitasyFit asymmetry parameters in the expectile bundle model
G519C18Chromosome G519C18 data
Greece_deathsDeaths in Greece in 1960.
HepatitisPrevalence of Hepatitis among a sample of Bulgarian males.
hist2dCompute a 2D histogram
hist2dsmSmooth a 2D histogram
indiumoxideAn X-ray diffractogram.
inverse_linkInverse link function, used for GLM fitting.
JOPSJoys of P-Splines
JOPS_colorsCustom color ramp.
JOPS_pointThemeing functions used to unify ggplot features
JOPS_themeCustom theme for ggplot
LAPS_densBayesian density estimation
MixtureMixture Data
ovaOvarian cancer data
pclmFit a composite link model
plot.ps2dglmPlotting function for 'ps2DGLM'
plot.ps2dnormalPlotting function for 'ps2DNormal'
plot.ps2dsignalPlotting function for 'ps2DSignal'
plot.pspfitPlotting function for 'psNormal', 'psPoisson', 'psBinomial'
plot.pssignalPlotting function for 'psSignal'
plot.psvcsignalPlotting function for 'psVCSignal'
plot.simpsrPlotting function for 'sim_psr'
plot.simvcpsrPlotting function for 'sim_vcpsr'
predict.ps2dglmPredict function for 'ps2DGLM'
predict.ps2dnormalPredict function for 'ps2DNormal'
predict.ps2dsignalPredict function for 'ps2DSignal'
predict.pspfitPredict function for 'psNormal', 'psBinomial', 'psPoisson'
predict.pssignalPredict function for 'psSignal'
predict.psvcsignalPredict function for 'psVCSignal'
predict.simpsrPredict function for 'sim_psr'
predict.simvcpsrPredict function for 'sim_vcpsr'
ps2DGLMTwo-dimensional smoothing of scattered normal or non-normal...
ps2DNormalTwo-dimensional smoothing scattered (normal) data using...
ps2D_PartialDerivPartial derivative two-dimensional smoothing scattered...
ps2DSignalTwo-dimensional penalized signal regression using P-splines.
psBinomialSmoothing scattered binomial data using P-splines.
psNormalSmoothing scattered (normal) data using P-splines.
psNormal_DerivDerivative for a P-spline fit of scattered (normal) data.
pspline2d_checkerP-spline 2D tensor product checking algorithm for the GLM.
pspline_checkerP-spline checking algorithm for the GLM.
pspline_fitterP-spline fitting algorithm for the GLM.
psPoissonSmoothing scattered Poisson data using P-splines.
psSignalSmooth signal (multivariate calibration) regression using...
psVCSignalVarying-coefficient penalized signal regression using...
rdwObservations on the widths of red blood cell distributions...
rowtensCompute the row tensor product of two matrices
save_PDFSave a plot as a PDF file.
set_panelsPrepare graphics layout for multiple panels
set_windowOpen a graphics window.
sim_psrSingle-Index signal regression using P-splines
sim_vcpsrVarying-coefficient single-index signal regression using...
SpATS.nogenoTwo-dimensional P-spline smoothing
spbaseCompute a sparse B-spline basis on evenly spaced knots
SugarSugar Processing Data
SuicideSuicide Data Set
tpowerCompute a truncated power function.
VarstarBrightness of a variable star.
WoodsurfProfile of a sanded piece of wood.
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