Man pages for KODAMA
Knowledge Discovery by Accuracy Maximization

categorical.testCategorical Information
clinicalClinical Data of a Cohort of Prostate Cancer Patiens
continuous.testContinuous Information
core_cppMaximization of Cross-Validateed Accuracy Methods
correlation.testContinuous Information
dinisurfaceUlisse Dini Data Set Generator
floydFind Shortest Paths Between All Nodes in a Graph
frequency_matchingFrequency Matching
helicoidHelicoid Data Set Generator
knn.double.cvCross-Validation with k-Nearest Neighbors algorithm.
knn.kodamak-Nearest Neighbors Classifier.
KODAMA-internalInternal Grid Functions
KODAMA.matrixKnowledge Discovery by Accuracy Maximization
KODAMA.visualizationVisualization of KODAMA output
k.testK-Test of Statistical Association
loadsVariable Ranking
lymphomaLymphoma Gene Expression Dataset
mcplotEvaluation of the Monte Carlo accuracy results
MetRefNuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectra of Urine Samples
multi_analysisContinuous Information
normalizationNormalization Methods
pcaPrincipal Components Analysis
pls.double.cvCross-Validation with PLS-DA.
pls.kodamaPartial Least Squares regression.
scalingScaling Methods
spiralsSpirals Data Set Generator
swissrollSwiss Roll Data Set Generator
transformyConversion Classification Vector to Matrix
txtsummaryMedian and Coefficient Interval
USAState of the Union Data Set
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