LS2W: Locally stationary two-dimensional wavelet process estimation scheme

Estimates two-dimensional local wavelet spectra

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AuthorIdris Eckley and Guy Nason, with contributions from Sarah Taylor and Matthew Nunes
Date of publication2013-07-12 22:34:02
MaintainerIdris Eckley <>

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Man pages

A: Examples of textured images

A2name: Return a D2Amat list object style name.

AvBasis.wst2D: Perform basis averaging for (packet-ordered) 2D non-decimated...

cddews: Compute the local wavelet spectrum estimate

cdtoimwd: Convert a cddews type object to an imwd type object

convert.imwd: Convert a non-decimated imwd object to a wst2D object.

D1Amat: Inner product matrix of ac wavelets(1-D)

D2ACW: Compute 2-D discrete autocorrelation wavelets.

D2ACWmat: Compute 2-D discrete autocorrelation wavelets but return in...

D2Amat: Creates the A matrix required for analysing LS2W processes.

D2autoplot: Plots a two-dimensional autocorrelation wavelet.

DWEnv: Environment containing precomputed objects.

example.ls2w: Example of how the LS2W package can be used in texture...

getdata: Extracts detail coefficients from imwd object

Haar2MA.diag: Generate 2-D Haar MA process (diagonal/vertical/horizontal...

Haar2MA.horiz: Generate 2-D Haar MA process (horizontal direction).

Haar2MA.vert: Generate 2-D Haar MA process (vertical direction).

HaarMontage: Generate a 2-D Haar MA process.

imwd: Two-dimensional wavelet transform (decomposition).

LS2W-package: Estimates the locally stationary wavelet spectrum for locally...

LS2Wsim: Generic method for simulation of LS2W processes

LS2Wsim.cddews: Simulate an LS2W process with underlying Daubechies wavelet.

packetj: Converts an imwd object to a wst2D object at a given level.

Phi1Dname: Return a PhiJ list object style name.

PhiJ: Compute discrete autocorrelation scaling function.

print.cddews: Print out information about a cddews object in readable form.

Psi1Dname: Return a PsiJ list object style name.

Psi2Dname: Return a D2ACW list object style name.

PsiJ: Compute discrete autocorrelation wavelets.

sample.stats: A function to calculate sample statistics for textured images...

specplot: Plot the LWP associated with a cddews object

summary.cddews: Use summary on a cddews object

threshold.imwd: Threshold two-dimensional wavelet decomposition object


A Man page
A2name Man page
AvBasis.wst2D Man page
B Man page
C Man page
cddews Man page
cdtoimwd Man page
convertimwd Man page
D1Amat Man page
D2ACW Man page
D2ACWmat Man page
D2ACWmat.d Man page
D2ACWmat.l Man page
D2Amat Man page
D2autoplot Man page
DWEnv Man page
example.ls2w Man page
getdata Man page
Haar2MA.diag Man page
Haar2MA.horiz Man page
Haar2MA.vert Man page
HaarMontage Man page
imwd Man page
LS2W Man page
LS2W-package Man page
LS2Wsim Man page
LS2Wsim.cddews Man page
packetj Man page
Phi1Dname Man page
PhiJ Man page
print.cddews Man page
Psi1Dname Man page
Psi2Dname Man page
PsiJ Man page
sample.stats Man page
specplot Man page
summary.cddews Man page
threshold.imwd Man page

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