LS2W: Locally stationary two-dimensional wavelet process estimation scheme

Estimates two-dimensional local wavelet spectra

AuthorIdris Eckley and Guy Nason, with contributions from Sarah Taylor and Matthew Nunes
Date of publication2013-07-12 22:34:02
MaintainerIdris Eckley <>

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Man pages

A: Examples of textured images

A2name: Return a D2Amat list object style name.

AvBasis.wst2D: Perform basis averaging for (packet-ordered) 2D non-decimated...

cddews: Compute the local wavelet spectrum estimate

cdtoimwd: Convert a cddews type object to an imwd type object

convert.imwd: Convert a non-decimated imwd object to a wst2D object.

D1Amat: Inner product matrix of ac wavelets(1-D)

D2ACW: Compute 2-D discrete autocorrelation wavelets.

D2ACWmat: Compute 2-D discrete autocorrelation wavelets but return in...

D2Amat: Creates the A matrix required for analysing LS2W processes.

D2autoplot: Plots a two-dimensional autocorrelation wavelet.

DWEnv: Environment containing precomputed objects.

example.ls2w: Example of how the LS2W package can be used in texture...

getdata: Extracts detail coefficients from imwd object

Haar2MA.diag: Generate 2-D Haar MA process (diagonal/vertical/horizontal...

Haar2MA.horiz: Generate 2-D Haar MA process (horizontal direction).

Haar2MA.vert: Generate 2-D Haar MA process (vertical direction).

HaarMontage: Generate a 2-D Haar MA process.

imwd: Two-dimensional wavelet transform (decomposition).

LS2W-package: Estimates the locally stationary wavelet spectrum for locally...

LS2Wsim: Generic method for simulation of LS2W processes

LS2Wsim.cddews: Simulate an LS2W process with underlying Daubechies wavelet.

packetj: Converts an imwd object to a wst2D object at a given level.

Phi1Dname: Return a PhiJ list object style name.

PhiJ: Compute discrete autocorrelation scaling function.

print.cddews: Print out information about a cddews object in readable form.

Psi1Dname: Return a PsiJ list object style name.

Psi2Dname: Return a D2ACW list object style name.

PsiJ: Compute discrete autocorrelation wavelets.

sample.stats: A function to calculate sample statistics for textured images...

specplot: Plot the LWP associated with a cddews object

summary.cddews: Use summary on a cddews object

threshold.imwd: Threshold two-dimensional wavelet decomposition object

Files in this package

LS2W/man/threshold.imwd.Rd LS2W/man/summary.cddews.Rd LS2W/man/specplot.Rd LS2W/man/sample.stats.Rd LS2W/man/print.cddews.Rd LS2W/man/packetj.Rd
LS2W/man/imwd.Rd LS2W/man/getdata.Rd LS2W/man/example.ls2w.Rd LS2W/man/convert.imwd.Rd LS2W/man/cdtoimwd.Rd LS2W/man/cddews.Rd LS2W/man/PsiJ.Rd LS2W/man/Psi2Dname.Rd LS2W/man/Psi1Dname.Rd LS2W/man/PhiJ.Rd LS2W/man/Phi1Dname.Rd LS2W/man/LS2Wsim.cddews.Rd LS2W/man/LS2Wsim.Rd LS2W/man/LS2W-package.Rd LS2W/man/HaarMontage.Rd LS2W/man/Haar2MA.vert.Rd LS2W/man/Haar2MA.horiz.Rd LS2W/man/Haar2MA.diag.Rd LS2W/man/DWEnv.Rd LS2W/man/D2autoplot.Rd LS2W/man/D2Amat.Rd LS2W/man/D2ACWmat.Rd LS2W/man/D2ACW.Rd LS2W/man/D1Amat.Rd LS2W/man/AvBasis.wst2D.Rd LS2W/man/A2name.Rd LS2W/man/A.Rd
LS2W/R/zzz.R LS2W/R/threshold.imwd.R LS2W/R/summary.cddews.R LS2W/R/specplot.R LS2W/R/sample.stats.R LS2W/R/print.cddews.R LS2W/R/packetj.R LS2W/R/imwr.imwd.R LS2W/R/imwd.R LS2W/R/getdata.R LS2W/R/example.ls2w.R LS2W/R/convert.imwd.R LS2W/R/cdtoimwd.R LS2W/R/cddews.R LS2W/R/PsiJ.R LS2W/R/Psi2Dname.R LS2W/R/Psi1Dname.R LS2W/R/PhiJ.R LS2W/R/Phi1Dname.R LS2W/R/LS2Wsim.cddews.R LS2W/R/LS2Wsim.R LS2W/R/HaarMontage.R LS2W/R/Haar2MA.vert.R LS2W/R/Haar2MA.horiz.R LS2W/R/Haar2MA.diag.R LS2W/R/D2autoplot.R LS2W/R/D2Amat.R LS2W/R/D2ACWmat.l.R LS2W/R/D2ACWmat.d.R LS2W/R/D2ACWmat.R LS2W/R/D2ACW.R LS2W/R/D1Amat.R LS2W/R/AvBasis.wst2D.R LS2W/R/A2name.R

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